Totem's Realm [Recommendation]

Totem’s Realm [Recommendation]

Totem’s Realm is a steaming hot survival manhwa. It features a businesswoman stranded on an island, only to be saved by a huge, bulky man.

lt TitlesTotem Zone, Totemui Yeongyeok, Totem’s Realm, Zona de Totem, 토템의 영역
CreatorsLee Soo-Hyun [Lee Soohyeon, Lee SooHyun, 이수현] (Artist & Author)
LicensedYes, Manta (All-ages)
GenreDramaIsekaiMature WarningMurderRape / Mentions of Rape, GoreSmutSupernatural, Romance

Totem’s Realm Summary

In a crazy turn of events, Sera, an office worker, is stranded on a remote island and captured by a native tribe.

mysterious Tarzan-esque man rescues her, but it turns out he’s also on the run.

As they flee the tribes that are after them, Sera develops a special power she can’t quite understand.

She also feels attracted to the strange man…

Totem's Realm [Recommendation]
Totem’s Realm is about a woman who goes to Indonesia to give her manager/boss some files he forgot.

The guide assigned to take her to the island takes a detour and almost rapes her. Apparently he thought the island was abandoned, joke’s on him as he gets shot by arrows.

The woman is taken away by tribesman and wakes up tied to a tree. She’s rescued by another man, who is enormous in comparison to her and the others.

This seems to be some type of isekai story, since she can clearly understand the tribes people and they can understand her. It’s unclear where they are, since when she wakes up she’s not recognizing the island she arrived at.

Tarzan, or wait, Shaka, saves her from the men and takes her away from them. He seems to care for her, although he doesn’t understand that himself. It seems her touch is healing the wounds he received when he escaped his own confines.

I won’t spoil too much, but the all-ages version doesn’t feature any sexual content per say. Like, you can totally get they’re doing stuff but it’s not showing anything improper.

Totem's Realm [Recommendation]
One of the bad guys
The actual mature version is censored as it is, with lightsabers for male genitals and white lines for the female genitals. So it’s not like you actually see details, but I guess it does show more of the “act”.

Personally I really like this story so far. It’s interesting since it’s set in a different environment, there’s people we’re not used to seeing and the stakes are higher than in other isekai stories.

I’m not sure you can fully call this an isekai story, but since it seems she came to a different world almost, let’s just say it is.

Sera isn’t too annoying as a female protagonist, either. She obviously tries to get away and all, but she soon realizes her best bet is to stay with Shaka. If he had wanted to hurt her before, he would have already done so.

Recommendation: If you like some steamy manhwa with a decent plot, definitely worth reading this one!

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