Before It’s Too late [1st Impression]

Before It’s Too Late isn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I’m not shipping the main couple. You’ll see why if you start reading the story.

Alt TitlesBefore Losing You, 놓치기 전에, Before I Lose You  
CreatorsYoo Song Ju, Songjoo Yoo, Yoo Song Joo, 유송주 (Author)
Gion, Kion, 기온 (Artist)
LicensedYes,, Indonesian
AdaptedUnsure, novel
GenreDramaPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Too Late
Wish he’s the real male lead

Before It’s Too Late Summary

“You’re my guardian angel, Eunho.”

Seohee and Eunho have known one another for 15 years, and they’ve always been each other’s top priority. Their relationship blurs the line between friends, family, soulmates, and lovers.

But one day, it comes to a tipping point when Seohee suddenly declares, “Eunho, I can’t do this anymore.”
Before It's Too Late
Before It’s Too Late features a very disruptive and unhealthy relationship between our main characters.

We initially start off with Eunho basically harassing our female lead, Seohee, via text. It’s clear she’s trying to keep her distance but he just doesn’t get it.

We later on find out they’re supposedly friends, even going so far to calling each other family. However, Eunho is so protective of Seohee it’s unhealthy. He’s trying to control her drinking, who she interacts with and so on.

Seohee isn’t really any better, but for different reasons. Instead of being brave about her feelings, she’s tucking them inside and hoping Eunho will notice.

She’s not exactly open with her feelings at the best of days, but hardly when it comes to romance, either.

The story takes a twist with Seohee finding a guy she’s going to fake date. However, the guy is clearly not in it for the “right” reasons, mainly because he still likes her.

That being said, at least he’s better for her than Eunho who does very little in terms of reciprocating her feelings. In fact, he goes so far as sulking when she reveals she found a boyfriend.

When he found a girlfriend in school, he expects her to be fine with that and doesn’t say anything to her initially.

When Seohee finally does confess, he writes it off as familiar friendliness instead of actually dealing with what she said. It must be so frustrating having confessed only for it to be shot down!

Even Eunho’s brother complains over his inability to deal with his feelings for Seohee. He even calls him a stalker and confronts him about his behaviour.

Final thoughts: I’m not hating the story, the opposite really. However, it’s clearly not a story about good communication between the male and female lead.

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