The Thorn That Pierces Me [Manhwa - First Impression]

The Thorn That Pierces Me [Manhwa – First Impression]

“The Thorn That Pierces Me” offers sexual tension a plenty, coupled with a blushing virgin. And no, it’s not the girl this time.

Alt Titles Stinging me thorn, Thorns That Pierce Me, Протыкающие меня шипы, 나를 찌르는 가시, 私を突き刺す棘, Nareul Jjireuneun Gasi
CreatorsMa Chérie, VEX(Authors), Search  / Piggyback (Artists)
LicensedYes, TappyToonOfficial Japanese
NovelYes, Korean
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalHorrorIsekai, PsychologicalRomanceSupernatural

Summary of The Thorn That Pierces Me

After touring America in an attempt to start a new life, Heesoo boards a plane back to her homeland of Korea.

She soon realizes that it is not so easy to escape her unfortunate destiny when the plane spirals out of control and she is warped to a strange world that is distant from Earth and full of zombie-like creatures called “maenok.”

Luckily enough, she is unintentionally rescued from a dire situation by an elegant and refined gentleman named Calix Clovis, who possesses the mysterious ability to wield a blue flame that can kill the maenok.

He is a chaste paladin who has sworn his body to the Church, but Heesoo quickly notices his physical reaction to her naturally seductive charms.

Will she succeed in surviving by using her feminine wiles to win over Calix’s heart and body? – TappyToon

What initially drew me in was the cover. As I was reading more and more, it really seemed to be an interesting story. There’s a novel which is definitely not suitable for children, apparently. The manhwa downplays the sexual acts quite a bit.

The Thorn That Pierces Me
Not immune against female charm
Our female lead Heesoo comes from a broken family situation where she’s been forced to take care of herself and stay out of her mother’s way.

Once the plane she’s on crashes, she’s almost immediately almost raped by another passenger. She’s saved by some bandits, who also almost end up raping her. She really can’t catch a break, can she?

Somehow she’s “saved” and taken to a mine, forced to work (unsure since I read raws of this). The only person she met which could understand her, was turning into a zombie, too.

Then she’s kidnapped and once again almost raped. Like yikes, that’s a bad start in this world. Apparently this lead to her becoming mute. Poor thing.

She takes the first chance at surviving she could find, with our paladin Calix Clovis. She quickly notices he’s blushing and acting shy around her. Thus she decides to use that as her advantage.

The Thorn That Pierces Me
First kiss
It was quite hilarious to see his behaviour towards her. He’s so desperately trying to remain chaste yet he’s very much being tempted by her.

In that world, her behaviour isn’t seen by the average woman. He jumps to the conclusion she’s either a prostitute or was taught by the men she was rescued from.

Heesoo isn’t stupid, but she’s very much in a pitiful situation. She’s not exactly having a lot of options, so she tries to stick to the paladin. It’s clear from the start they’re attracted to each other.

Calix is a bit of a brute towards her, not knowing his strength. However, you can tell he’s not a bad guy. He could have had his way with her, but he’s definitely not that type of guy.

The female’s art reminds me a bit of the traditional manga drawings. I can’t say an example right off the bat, but I know I’ve seen various manga series where the bottom portion is bigger than the rest.

Overall I quite like this story and the way it’s paced. I’m going to try finding the novel and reading that. Apparently the author is the same as for the novel of “Beatrice”.

Recommendation: Yes, go read it now!

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