Cancel This Wish [1st Impression]

Cancel This Wish starts out with a pathetic main character, making a wish. I assume she’s going to regret her wish later on, but I suppose we’ll see.

Alt TitlesThis Wish Is Cancelled, 이 소원은 취소
CreatorsMuffin (author)
Pie (artist)
AdaptedProbably from novel
GenreBody SwitchingDramaFantasyHistoricalRomance
Cancel This Wish

Cancel This Wish Summary

“A growing romance fantasy in which I find my true self!”

After graduating from the academy, Remiel, who is living a solitary life as an outcast, is unable to overcome her mother’s persuasion and attends the party of the Marquis of Atrahasis.

And there, Tyriel, whom she has had a crush on for a long time, and her roommate, Beryl, announce their marriage. In shock, Remiel said, “I wish I was Beryl.”

The moment she thinks to herself, her necklace suddenly shone and she disappeared on the spot!

And when he wakes up again, one day, Remiel has become Beryl from the Academy days!?

Cancel This Wish
In Cancel This Wish, we see Remiel living a pitiful life, being a social outcast.

When she hears of the engagement between Beryl and Tyriel, she makes a wish to become Beryl.

She is transported to the past, only as Beryl and not herself. You may think that would be it, but instead she acts like herself. She’s clumsy, zoning out and is just acting weird.

I have only read about 2 chapters, but so far I’m not loving the story. It just feels a bit blegh and I’ve seen better character switching stories, such as Your Throne.

It would have been fun to see Beryl and Remiel to switch right off. However, Remiel is still herself, or something. It’s really confusing so far.

Final thoughts: It’s too early to say I don’t approve of this one, but I’m not loving it so far.

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