Stop This Marriage [1st Impression]

Stop This Marriage features a fun twist on an isekai story. I’m not fully sold, but it’s definitely giving the characters motivation to oppose the marriage!

Alt TitlesStop This Wedding, 이 결혼을 막아라
Creatorslawb****, 쏘가리, lawbepo, ssogariii
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical,  Romance
This Marriage

Stop This Marriage Summary

After getting in an unfortunate accident, the twins transmigrated to another world together.

The elder sister possessed the body of Princess Liliana, and the younger brother went into the body of Arvid, the 2nd Prince of the Revoluta Empire.

But the two were engaged and their wedding is only two months away. How will the two stop this marriage?!

Stop This Marriage starts off quite silly, with a fall which makes the female lead appear in a fantasy world.

Her twin brother is also there, and it seems they’re going to wed?

If nothing else, this would be the start of some weird h*ntai, but it’s not. The story isn’t too unique, but I like the twist they’ve made with the story. Our female lead is definitely attracted to some other man and I just feel the royal drama brewing.

There’s not a lot of things to say about the story, other than it’s supposed to be a comedy with stupid sh*t happening. There’s seemingly not a lot of real story in the beginning.

I’m personally not a huge fan of this series, but I can appreciate the story’s attempt at being funny. Although I don’t necessarily find it humorous.

The plot itself, although initially funny seems to be slightly lacking, too.

Final thoughts: Not my cup of tea, but I can see how some people may find it enjoyable.

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