I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage! [Manhwa - Recommendation]

I Was Tricked into this Fake Marriage! [Manhwa – Recommendation]

“I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!” has a good story without the fantasy-theme, but it’s not bad with it, either.

Alt Titles Aku dan Pernikahan Palsu, This Is an Obvious Fraudulent Marriage,  Igeon Myeongbaekan Sagigyeolhonida, これはまぎれもない結婚詐欺ですっ!, 骗婚也要得到你, 이건 명백한 사기결혼이다
CreatorsPark Haedam (Author), Pear Juice / Jade (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, English Official Japanese Translation, Official Chinese Translation, Official Indonesian Translation
NovelYes, English
This Fake Marriage
You have to have standards for yourself!
Our female lead in “I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage” is adorable. She’s called Leylin Efran and has cotton-candy pink hair. She’s basically the exact opposite of the crazy killer, Kaleid Delice. These two people are basically destined to be together.

It’s cute funny, but it was the man in this case that took the initiative to become her husband. She just had a bunch of requirements and he fulfilled them all. She never specified he can’t be a crazy killer. Big mistake, darling.

Now, Delice is being used by the empire as a killing machine. This is partly due to the fact he goes a bit nuts without his calming drugs. You see, he can apparently hear all the thoughts of people without it. I suppose that is enough to make you go crazy.

I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!
Cute Leylin!

With touching Leylin, everything goes quiet. She’s like the ultimate drug (such a bad comparison) for him. The story is very detailed and quite fun. There’s a bunch of cute moments between Leylin and Kaleid. There’s also some action moments if you like those, but I can’t say if they’re good or not.

Overall, the story is good enough to recommend it but there’s a lot left to be discovered and revealed. We’re still waiting on more revelations, yet so far we’ve gotten a huge chunk of the information why Leylin is in this world.

Recommendation: A must read if you like isekai manhwas.

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