The True Scandal [First Impression]

The True Scandal [First Impression]

The True Scandal isn’t exactly helping the image of mental illness. The story is odd, but at least I haven’t seen it done a lot before.

Alt TitlesChúnzhēn Chǒuwén, True Scandal, 纯真丑闻, Chunzhen Chouwen  
CreatorsKǎ bǐqiū [卡比丘, Kapicchu], Zhǎng pèi wénxué [长佩文学] (Authors)
Chi Bao Fan Gongchang [Hungry Studio, Hungry, Hungry Studios, 吃饱饭工厂], Zhǎng pèi wénxué (Artists)
LicensedBiliBili Comics
NovelMaybe, probably no
GenreDramaMature WarningPsychologicalShounen Ai/ YaoiSlice of Life

Summary of The True Scandal from MU

Xu Sheng x Tang Zhi

Using all of one’s brain power and pawning away one’s life.

The True Scandal

We have to main character’s in the story. One of them is more or less openly gay and is needing to marry the other main lead’s sister. He’s marrying because he requires legal help to get his mother out of prison.

Now, the sister suffers from some mental illness and she finds comfort in our main character. The sister is assuming he actually loves her, which isn’t the case because he’s, you know, gay.

I’m not 100% what happened in our main character’s life, but it’s being implied he was abused and in flashbacks we see blood.

There’s some typical shounen ai stereotypes happening. The submissive guy is the shorter one with blonde hair, whereas the dominant and powerful one is tall with black hair.

Something I am noticing is the manhua uses real photos in certain moments, such as a breakfast scene. It’s clearly a photo of a toast cropped into the shot. I’m not sure how I feel about this, honestly. It feels like a cheap way to get away with drawing those things.

The “female lead” is pretty unlikable and is refusing therapy UNLESS she gets married to the main lead. Like, come on girl? Are you for real?

Our main lead isn’t afraid of telling the other male character he feels like he’s suffocating in this fake relationship. He demands down payment since he is suffering so much to keep the charade up.

The few chapters I was reading hasn’t seen any real shounen ai, so I am unsure when that will start.

Recommendation: It’s an odd story, but might be worth checking out if you like shounen ai.

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