The Tears of a Jester [1st Impression]

The Tears Of A Jester throws you into a world where two princesses fights for the throne. Caught in the middle is one lonesome Jester.

Alt TitlesThe Melancholy of a Clown,어릿광대의 우울
CreatorsAlbrecht, 알브레히트
AdaptedYes, from novel.
Genre Drama,  FantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Depression, Drugs / Alcohol, Gore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance

The Tears Of A Jester Summary

Two princesses, one throne.

Life is hard for a court jester. Not only do I serve as an emotional punching bag for the royals and aristocrats, forced to indulge their every whim, but now I’m also caught between two princesses.

Is this a comedy? Or will this tale end in tragedy?

The Tears Of A Jester isn’t something I’ve seen done too frequently

. Our main character is male and quite unremarkable, being that of a jester. His sole person is entertaining the aristocrats and nobility, sometimes at the expense of his own health.

As for the plot, it’s inherently nothing too unique. I mean, how many stories don’t start out with two characters fighting for the same throne? Or being believed to fight for the same throne? It’s a growing ground for chaos and death.

Our jester feels bad for both princess, but is ultimately caught in between. He’s not powerful to truly change anything, but is tossed around by the whims of the monarchs.

The Tears Of A Jester [1st Impression]
It’s truly a pitiful character and I do feel bad about him.

I quite like the characters, in their own rights of being flawed characters. They’re not perfect, but I can fully understand their plights and feelings.

The king for instance, is definitely pitiful and I also hate him. However, it’s not really his fault per say. He just killed someone he seemingly loved and tossed out his 2nd daughter. If that doesn’t take a toll on someone, I don’t know.

As for how he treats his eldest daughter, it’s horrible and how he ascended the throne makes it fully understandable why he seemingly hates her. She reminds him of his own failures and shortcomings in favour of his brother.

Final thoughts: The story feels unique and somewhat different than most, but also slightly awkward in it’s execution. Overall, not bad and worth checking it out.

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