The prince wants you

The Prince Wants You [Manhua – First Impression]

The story of “The Prince Wants You” is very messed up. The prince is seen raping one of the protagonist’s and then he wants to take her as his wife. 

Alt Titles本王要你 / My King Wants You / Běn wáng yào nǐ
CreatorsZhaya Studio (札雅工作室)
GenreDramaFantasy, Historical, PsychologicalRape / Mentions of RapeRomance
The Prince Wants You

The Prince Wants You is very… typical bad manhuas with an asshole male lead.

The summary is even worse and inaccurate with what actually happened.

That night, innocent girl took off clothes, and became his woman, a few handsome princes of the heavenly family, When they met her, it is a fateful encounter, or a fight.

– ZinManga

The poor maid’s feelings after the rape were pretty darn clear – she felt like she was disgusting by what happened. She immediately went washing herself and is seen being very upset over the event.

There’s another villainous woman, who actually does the girl a favour, kind of. She is randomly stepping up and is saying she’s the one the prince slept with.

Of course, the woman eventually ends up messing with the woman and is seen taking her as a maid. So much for that help.

It seems the prince was drunk so he doesn’t actually remember who he was raping. He just remember the scent from some scent pouch, which the other woman took from the raped maid.

Overall the story “isn’t too bad”, I’ve been reading a lot of worse manhuas but this story is still a bit “eh” for me. The art is pretty decent although our prince looks like a female. 

The whole rape was quite unnecessary for the plot. He could have thought he did it but actually just fallen asleep mid-way. Or couldn’t get it up, would have been fitting for the A-hole.

I just can’t see how his personality is so amazing the maid can start liking him after that happened. Or how people can condone it.

Recommendation: Not anything special, plus the rape just makes it extra no-go.

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