The Perfect Classroom [Recommendation]

The Perfect Classroom [Recommendation]

The Perfect Classroom seems to be an interesting story set in a school. Two twins are at the center, wrapping the classmates around their little fingers.

Alt TitlePerfect Classroom, Wanbyeokhan Gyoshil, ภาพลวงตาแห่งความจริง, 完璧な教室, 完美的教室, 완벽한 교실
CreatorsO-Gu [OGU, オグ, 오구]
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedNot that I know
GenreDramaHorrorPsychologicalSchool Life

The Perfect Classroom summary:

Two siblings who have brought several secrets along with themselves. With these two as the center of attention, the class gradually begins to change.

The Perfect Classroom [Recommendation]
She really called her classmates minions…
I have yet to read a lot, but it seems the two twins are up to something. In my eyes, it seems the female twin is more ominous than the male one, but I’m not sure.

Maybe both are very manipulative, but the story seems to focus on the female twin more from what I’ve seen.

We see her thoughts and it’s clear she’s looking down on her classmate, yet praising her to lure her in. It seems there’s another student in the class that notices something, but I’m not sure how much they realize is going on.

This story seems to be very creepy and in all honesty, the story’s mood is freaking me out a bit. It’s crawling up my skin and leaving me feeling slightly freaked out.

I’m getting vibes similar to that of “Game of Doppelganger“, except this story is based in more realism. This story is definitely a story focusing on emotional and psychological manipulation, not anything supernatural.

It’s both horrifying and interesting to read this story, but it’s making me feel very uncomfortable at the same time. I think you definitely should take a look at this story if you like psychological stories. The best part is that the story is actually completed, so you can enjoy it from start to finish.

Recommendation: Yes! If you like anything to do with school life and manipulation of classmates, this is for you.

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