the young master and the maid [First Impression]

The Young Master And The Maid doesn’t start out amazing, but it grows on you. The young master is really cute looking!

Alt TitlesBocchan to Maid, Young Master and Maid, Юный господин и горничная, เมดสาวหน้าใสกับคุณชายปากร้าย, 坊っちゃんとメイド, 少爷与女仆, 少爺與女僕, 도련님과 메이드
CreatorsTobise [Тобисэ, Hisei, 飛世]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
The Maid

The Young Master And The Maid Summary

A new maid sets out to befriend the aloof young master in this fantasy world. Follow them on their daily adventures.

The Maid
The Young Master And The Maid starts off with bad art, and I’m almost dropping it then and there.

However, it has a certain charm to it with it’s messy colouring

As for the manga, the art is making the characters seem like teens at the oldest. It’s a bit odd, but I suppose I can see that happening.

Despite the new maid’s attempts at gaining the favour of the boy, he’s very rude towards her. However, she seem to bond with the boy over a book.

In the series, the boy’s mother is quite sick which may explain why he’s so rude. He’s probably suffering alone, but it doesn’t really excuse his rudeness. He’s probably going to soften up eventually, but we’re not there yet.

Overall I’m not sure about the story, but it’s being tagged as romance. Maybe the young master and the maid will fall in love? I suppose it’s not unusual, albeit a bit iffy considering he’s too young.

It’s quite clear the comic is black and white normally, but they’ve been adding colour a bit haphazardly. It both works and it also doesn’t, which is a bummer. I wish some more care had gone into colouring the background, but at least the characters are coloured a bit more nicely.

Final thoughts: Might be worth reading if you like maids and fantasy stories.

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