The Lady Wants to Rest [Manhwa - First Impression]

The Lady Wants to Rest [Manhwa – First Impression]

“The Lady Wants To Rest” is an reincarnation/isekai story featuring a lady who just wants to sleep. Let her rest, god d*mn it!

Alt Titles Swigo sip-eun leidi, Tiểu Thư chỉ muốn Nghỉ Ngơi, Дама хочет отдохнуть, Леди хочет отдохнуть, 쉬고 싶은 레이디, The Lady Needs a Break (official title)
CreatorsYuin [流人/유인] (Author), Choi Em-Je [최엠제] (Artist)
NovelYes, English
Genre ComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekai

Summary of The Lady Wants To Rest

“King, magician, musician, prosecutor, wealthy person, beggar, saintess, witch…
She lived for a thousand years, many times over.

Sometimes she was the noblest person in the world, sometimes she was the humblest.
Among them, her 53rd life was one of the most wretched and painful of them all.” – MangaDex
The Lady Wants To Rest
This story features reincarnation aplenty, which we’re used to. Our lady Rubia is on her 54th life and she really just wants to rest. Yet people keep nagging on her, just how dare they! I am not sure about this one, but I’m not going to judge it yet.

The plot is definitely unique, but my main concern is what fun and interesting manhwa we’ll have with a protagonist that just wants to sleep?

I suppose that the charm can be how lazy she actually is, and thus we can have fun with that. I suppose the young lady has some tricks up her sleeve, but she really doesn’t want to put in effort.

You really can’t fault someone who has live over 50 lives to just want some peace and quiet. I can identify with the feeling of wanting to be a sloth, for sure.

I find the art above decent, though. It’s not my favourite out of the new series coming out, but it’s still beautiful. Rubia is drawn as an angelic figure with red eyes, yet I really can’t get behind her dress.

I hate to be like that, but that type of dress always makes someone look pregnant. I just hate that style of clothes.

Recommendation: Worth keeping an eye, too few chapters to really say anything about the story so far.

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