The Fantasie Of A Stepmother

The Fantasie of a Stepmother [Manhwa – First Impression]

A Stepmother’s Märchen/The Fantasie of a Stepmother is a unique manhwa focusing on a very young widow and her step-children. It’s definitely something else, but well worth a read.

Alt Titles A Stepmother’s Fairy Tale, El cuento de hadas de una madrastra, Eoddeon Gyaemonim’eui Märchen, Eoddeon Gyaemonim’eui Maereuhaen,
Eotteon Gyemonimui Meleuhen, Merveilleuse marâtre, Mou Ge Jimu De Tonghua Gushi, ある継母のメルヘン, 某个继母的童话, 某个继母的童话故事, 某個繼母的童話故事, 어떤 계모님의 메르헨, A Stepmother’s Märchen
Creators Spice&Kitty, 냥이와 향신료, Kitty and Spice, Kitty and Spices (Author)
ORKA, Orkatoon (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, TapasOfficial Japanese, Official Chinese, Offical French, Official Indonesian
Release2019 (Korean), 2021 (Official English)
NovelYes, English
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalIsekai, PsychologicalReversal of TimeRomance

The Fantasie Of A Stepmother summary:

They called her the Iron Widow.

When her husband died, he left her to manage not only his vast holdings but also his four children. Young and inexperienced, Shuri nonetheless tried her best to raise them, despite their bitter attitude towards her.

She is finally free to live her own life as her eldest son marries… only to find herself mysteriously reset to seven years ago—the night of her husband’s funeral.

Can Shuri find happiness with this second chance at a new destiny?

Shuri van Neuwanstein from The Fantasie Of A Stepmother

The Fantasie Of A Stepmother is definitely something else. Suri (or Shuri) is about the same age as her children. She lived her life first, only to meet an untimely death when she’s finally “free” of her responbilities.

However, time turns back to when she’s 16 and her husband has recently passed away.

Since the comic isn’t yet done, I can’t fully give a review, but I will say I really like the manhwa. It’s something different from what we normally find.

There’s real pain and sorrow within all characters. It’s even more sad how they suffer in silence without being able to air their grievances.

Shuri returns to her past life and starts untangling the feelings of her “children”. Eventually a great bond is formed between them.

The youngest children, twins, stop calling her fake mom. The middle child stops harassing and causing trouble. This is due to her simply seeing him for who he is.

The eldest son thaws and let’s her into his world. It’s truly lovely to see.

In the reincarnated storyline, Shuri steps up as the matriarch of the family. She’s not afraid of forming bonds and connections which helps her. And although there’s still much left of the story, I can genuinely recommend this manhwa.

It has beautiful art, interesting plotlines, multi-layered characters and a lot of humor.

Recommendation: Definitely Read

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