The Ex [Manhua – First Impression]

The Ex is a story about a woman and her partner breaking up. And that someone claiming to be her is calling from the future, guiding her steps.

Alt Titles前任战争, Qiánrèn zhànzhēng, Qian Ren Zhan Zheng
CreatorsJin Si Li [谨斯里], SASA XiaDi [SASA夏蒂]
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
The Ex [Manhua - First Impression]

The Ex Summary

Love, is a war. An “ugly” girl whose boyfriend is cheating on her receives a mysterious phone call.

Strangely, the other line said that she is 35 years old, and that she is her, from the future!

In order to change her, she wants to teach her the law of love.

For her to see the beauty in her, take revenge on her ex, and recapture everything she lost before.

The Ex [Manhua - First Impression]
I don’t particularly like the female lead, mainly because she is so pathetic.

She gives up everything for her man, only for him to dump her. Whenever he tries to break up with her in the past, she freaks out and throws a fit.

I’m not condoning cheating, but when someone is like that, it’s easier to just find someone else. However, he’s also an arse for not appreciating everything she is doing.

I feel like both are at fault for the relationship going bad. Very rarely is it just one-side who does all the mistakes, but sometimes we’re just not meant for each other.

The Ex [Manhua - First Impression]
Anyway, our female lead is acting pathetically, asking the mistress to dump her boyfriend.

Eventually it seems she gets over him, with the help of her future self.

We’re later on seeing flashbacks to how our female lead talking to her father.

She’s crass and rude in her words, but she doesn’t get why he asks her such a question. He ends up committing suicide and it traumatizes her from having others leaving her, I reckon.

Recommendation: Overall I’m not hating the story, but there’s something about it which prevents me from loving it. I think you can check it out, but I won’t continue reading it.

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