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The Emperor’s Partner [Manhwa – Review]

“The Emperor’s Partner” is a manhwa that features religious themes, as well as undying love towards your sibling.

Alt TitlesThe Emperor’s Companion, 皇帝的伴侣, 황제 의 반려, 皇帝の伴侶, Jodoh Kaisar, La Compagne de L’Empereur, La compañera del emperador
CreatorsLee Su Lim [Lee Soo Lim, Lee Soo Rim, Lee Su-rim] (Author)
ASSAM [아쌈] & Marron Pie [Night Manju, Bam Manju, Bammanju, Chestnut Manju, 밤만쥬] (Artists)
Licensed?Yes, English – CopinComics
Genres DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiRomance

Summary of Emperor’s Partner

After making a deal with God, she is reincarnated into a new world fully ready to dedicate her life to her younger sibling.

However, things aren’t so simple when she attracts the attention of the Emperor. Can’t a girl just look after her sibling with no man? – MangaDex

Emperor's Partner

When I initially started reading this manhwa I figured it’d be a normal isekai story – nothing too special but enough to keep me interested. And there’s a multitude of tropes in this manhwa, but I found it oddly charming.

Our main female lead is called Hildegard and she’s the pope. Her body has upon her death in the previous world been an empty shell. Once she awoke, the emperor kisses her and gets upset she doesn’t remember him.

What I was enjoying a lot was the relationship between Hilde and her brother, as well as the emperor. She was no-nonsense and shut down the emperor’s behaviour and getting him back in line. It was a dynamic relationship that evolved as time went on.

Emperor's Partner
4/5 – Art:

The art isn’t always amazing, but it works for the context of the series. The artist seems to improve as the manhwa continues. I remember seeing an illustration of Hilde’s face in profile from early chapters and then in later chapters – there was a huge improvement. Sometimes I wish for more details, but overall the art is above decent. The artist has a distinctive style to the art which I actually quite like. I do enjoy the way the characters are designed as well.

4/5 – Plot

Certain things happen in the series that leave me feeling both surprised and confused. I can’t really go into details here, but not everything is what it seems. One thing is for certain, the plot is definitely better in hindsight than when you’re currently reading the story. Certain things click and you go “ooh, so that’s what it meant”.

I think the story could have been more fast paced, since some areas felt really slow. I’m all for a story that takes its time, but I don’t want it to take forever, either.

Then on the other hand, some parts seem rushed and not thought out properly. We’re just left confused by everything.

Emperor's Partner
Caleb’s sister, Salome
4.5/5 – Characters

The pope, Hildegard doesn’t seem to be multidimensional a lot of the time. She’s very stuck in the rut of wanting to help and support her brother, to the point that’s all she cares about. Yet when she’s falling in love with the emperor, it seems like she stops caring as much for her brother. She has use of the skills she learnt in her previous life as the pope, as well. She seems to be a genuinely good person, which is why she reincarnated with all of her memories.

Emperor Caleb on the other hand initially seemed too obsessed with the pope, to the point he seemed like a maniac more than anything. We later find out the truth about him and we realize he’s not actually so bloodthirsty as he’s made out to be. He has reasons for acting the way he does, and he ends up actually learning how to love Hildegard the way she needs to be loved. Yet stabbing someone for getting close to your future wifey is a bit… you know, too much.

Ludan is the pope’s sister and probably the character with the most depth and pain. Having a stunted growth, he’s constantly being lured in by enemies to either kill his sister or to put her in a deep sleep – effectively putting the world into the dark ages. His suffering is shown well and even his jealousness over Hilde’s and Caleb’s relationship. Not everything is as it seems, though. He’s seemingly the character with most depth out of all of them.

Emperor's Partner
12.5/15 Conclusion:

This is a decent story, both plot wise and with the characters introduced. The “God” is definitely interesting as well. I would suggest anyone who likes a decent story about magic, platonic sibling love and self-sacrifice to read this. The plot is a bit all over the place in the beginning, but I think once you’ve come to the end everything is wrapped up neatly.

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