The Emperor’s Mask [1st Impression]

The Emperor’s Mask starts out interesting but soon falls to disarray. Too many clichés with inadequate art style does little for the manhwa.

Alt TitlesEmperor’s Mask, Máscara Del Emperador, 황제의 가면
CreatorsScrew Ppyongppyong, Screw pop pop, 스크류뿅뿅 (Author)
Yeoldu, 열두 (Author)
AdaptedFrom novel I assume
GenreDrama,  FantasyHistoricalIsekai,  Mature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder,  Suicide / Attempted SuicideRomance
The Emperor's Mask [1st Impression]

The Emperor’s Mask Summary

Is blacking out always this scary?

Imagine blacking out and waking up in a different world!

A teacher finds herself in the body of Lady Lucia, a woman who committed suicide.

While trying to understand what happened, she realizes Lucia was actually murdered.

Why does the emperor hide behind a mask? And what really happened to Lucia…?

The Emperor's Mask [1st Impression]
The Emperor’s Mask features art style I’m expecting from webtoon canvas artists, nothing bad towards those practicing their art!

It’s more the fact they’re publishing stories for free, so you can’t expect a certain standard. However, this is a paid manhwa series, so you’d expect better art.

However, for a story you’re paying for I’m expecting better artwork. Likewise, the story isn’t that unique or interesting, with so many clichés it’s just annoying to read.

If you read What It Takes To Be A Villainess, you have the basic gist of this story, too. Except, the emperor is hiding his true identity until one day he isn’t anymore.

The Emperor's Mask [1st Impression]
The whole idea why the emperor has so many female candidates in a palace is also a bit meh.

I just don’t follow understand the plot or the reasoning behind it, especially since he has no interest in them.

It even goes so far for many of them to attempt killing themselves for his favour. It’s just a really poor environment and the emperor should just pull the plug on the whole thing.

Of course, our female lead is managing to entertain and sway our emperor’s heart, which is so typical. She apparently isekai into the world and decides to change everything.

Honestly, we’ve seen this so many times I just want some originality when it comes to the female leads.

Final thoughts: It’s a hit or miss manhwa, and for me it’s a big miss.

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