The Devil [Manhwa - First Impression]

The Devil [Manhwa – First Impression]

The Devil is a controversial story featuring topics such as incest, forced marriage and other debauchery. Sprinkled with some supernatural elements.

Alt Titleİblis, Magwi, 마귀
CreatorsB.cenci [비첸치] (Author), FUKI Choco [FUKAKI Shouko, FUKI Choko, fukichoco, 深喜ちょこ](Artist)
Licensed?Yes, Manta

There are some controversies regarding “The Devil”. Some say it’s incestuous between the main characters. Others say it’s not. I cannot honestly say it is or it isn’t, based on what we know from the manhwa. We don’t have enough information, not

The basic story is there’s two twins: Giovinetta Isolde Euricate Valdemar and Duke Gustave, Johannes I. They get involved with each other, romantically. With a supernatural twist coming from Inette’s wishes, or so it seems.

Inette’s first marriage ended with her husband dying after spending the first night together. When she’s once again being sold off to an old man, she’s once again wishing to a devil. However, the wish seems to affect her brother…

The Devil
The story is quite confusing but if you can overlook the initial “incest” topic it’s quite a good story. The mystery surrounding the twins is truly weird and it’s hard to predict exactly what will happen. 

I can’t say if this is because of the story being good, or it’s just having many flaws and story gaps. But still, it makes you guess what’s actually going on. I have an inkling Inette is actually more sinister in nature than what we’re initially being lead to believe. But that’s just pure speculation.

The art is also gorgeous, and the characters involved are truly flawed. It makes it seem like the tale is skewed in favour of Inette. Everyone but her and Johann are “evil”.  It’s a “we against us” scenario which happens often. Yet I can’t really say I disagree with her. She’s treated as a breeding cattle.

Recommendation: If you can stomach incest, it’s worth a shot. 

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