The Detective of Muiella

The Detective of Muiella [Recommendation]

The Detective of Muiella is a good story, at least the first part of it. I am not sure where the story is going but it’s making me lose my interest.

Alt TitlesMueller’s Investigator, L’enquêteur de Muiella, Mueller no Sousakan, Mwiellaui Susagwan, The Investigator of Mueller, ミュエラの捜査官, 慕艾拉的调查官, 뮈엘라의 수사관
CreatorsKia Ren [Kialeune, Kiarne, 키아르네] (Author) – Sol [Ssol, 솔] (Artist)
LicensedYes, TappyToon

Summary of The Detective Of Muiella:

Kate is a maid at the Baron’s estate in Muiella, a country where warlocks and witches are shunned.

One day, the new servant Ian arrives- but he’s much too proper and handsome for his lowly rank.

As they keep running into each other, Kate’s suspicion of Ian’s disarming demeanor only grows when strange incidents crop up in the manor.

Sleuthing for the truth, the wellbeing of the estate and its residents may be at stake!

Where’s a good detective when you need one?!

The Detective of Muiella
First and foremost I must praise the The Detective of Muiella’s first part. It was really good and kept the readers in a suspense. I was really suspecting some wrong people and the I did not see the twist coming.

I wish the story would have kept to that theme, at least a bit longer. So we’re technically doing all detective stuff still, but Kate’s elf uncle or whatever, is annoying the shiz out of me. He’s basically locking her up in the mansion for her own safety.

He doesn’t tell her why he’s doing it, plus he’s not allowing the man she most likely love to visit her. This isn’t how it works! You need communication otherwise you do stupid shit.

The story is honestly not bad, but the love issues we keep seeing is dragging on for too long now. I want it resolved now so we can continue on with the story.

The Detective of Muiella

This type of pause is what causes readers to drop out from the story. They just don’t have the time to keep waiting on the story to progress when there’s other exciting stories out there. When we finally thought there was a breakthrough, we get more mystery in addition to what we already have. It’s getting too much! We need some resolving, right now.

Despite the story being at a standstill right now, I must say I love the art. The character design of Kate is utterly gorgeous. She looked amazing as a maid, and as a lady.

Recommendation: Despite the standstill we’re at right now, it’s still a decent story. Check it out, if nothing else to read the first part of it.

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