The Demon Lord's 5500 Different Shadows [First Impression - Manhwa]

The Demon Lord’s 5500 Different Shadows [First Impression – Manhwa]

“The Demon Lord’s 5500 Different Shadows” had me both intrigued and confused. Mostly confused.

Alt Titles마왕님의 5500가지 그림자, Demon Lord’s 5500 Shadows, The Demon Lord’s 5500 Shadows
CreatorsYoon-Dal (윤달, Yoon Dal, YoonDal, Youn-Dal, YounDal) [Author] – Munto (문토) [Artist]
NovelYes, Korean

The Demon Lord’s 5500 Different Shadows Summary from MangaDex:

I hit it big with an erotica novel starring the demon lord, but then got sued by the real demon lord! I need to turn at least half the novel into reality to survive. The smut novel <Sungwoon Lim’s 5500 Shadows> needs to become reality!

Irene Yoo, whose life ended just as it began to bloom at nineteen, spent her second life as a virgin ghost full of yin* energy in the underworld. She made the most of her benefits after turning into a succubus and granted permission to live in the Demon World.
I am all for new stories and of course I just had to check this one out. Yet initially I wasn’t really impressed but as it unravelled it became clear this is a comedy manhwa.

The story is interesting, because it’s set in a different world with different rules adhering to it. The demon lord apparently made half of the devildom felons due to their fascination with the book.

So to make it right, he and our author has to act it out so it’s not defamation or something like that. It’s a bit of a weak plot, but I’ll roll with it.

I noticed some of the art being a bit wonky, which is a pity but overall it’s pretty good. I’m just so very confused, which I assume the protagonist is as well, I guess?

I’m honestly left sitting like a question sign right now. I’m not sure what I feel about this manhwa.

Recommendation: Worth to check out, I think?!

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