The deathless

The deathless [Recommendation]

The Deathless is a story about 3 character who cannot die, for various reasons. Our protagonist ends up being linked to death himself.

Alt TitlesPermanecer despierta toda la noche, Stay Awake All Night, Trú Dạ Liên Miên, Zhouye Lianmian, Zhòuyè liánmián, 昼夜连绵, Tru Da Lien Mien, Zhou Ye Lian Mian
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics & Webcomics
Genre DramaFantasy, Mature WarningMurder, AbuseDepressionGore, Rape / Mentions of Rape, SuicideRomanceSchool LifeSupernaturalPsychological
The Deathless [Recommendation]

The Deathless Summary

She is a normal girl, but she has the “eye of death” and she can see the mortality rate of other people. She tries to kill herself many times, but she can not die!

Upon hearing his call, the god of death came. However, even death does not help her. What kind of spark will happen between the girl who wants to die and the god of death who will kill her?

What kind of secrets are hidden behind the skill of the girl?

Dancing with the god of death is a deadly temptation impossible to resist.

The Deathless [Recommendation]
The premise of “The Deathless” is quite unique and interesting.

Our protagonist, Lian Mian, can see the death rates of humans and increase it, too. This means touching her is basically a death sentence and may explain why her parents are nowhere in the story.

After failing to kill herself, our female lead meets Death. He tries to kill her with his sword but things go awry. This basically means they’re now bound to each other.

Needless to say, they’ll start to have feelings for each other and eventually fall in love. You know, the typical romance stuff we can expect from romance stories.

Despite my recommendation of this story, I do have some issues with it. There’s some major clichés and tropes in the story which aren’t needed.

The whole aspect of Death and someone who is unable to die is interesting enough. We don’t need high school drama, despite it existing in the story.

The Deathless [Recommendation]
Death has never been hotter
Death also becomes a transfer student in the same school as our female lead.

I assume it is to keep an eye on her, and possibly kill her if the opportunity arises. I reckon he becomes interested in her since she’s not scared of death like other humans, which peaks his interest.

Neither do we need a love sick rival who is out to get Lian Mian. We don’t need to see this annoying character tape a kitten’s mouth and nose. The sole purpose is to mess with her.

Likewise, we don’t need this school girl hiring thugs to beat up our female lead. We just don’t need this in the story and it’s quite annoying having to read.

This is the type of drama we see in so many other series and this comic is better than that. Even if we need the conflict, it could easily be done in a different way.

Like Lian Mian may want to avoid a couple of guys, because she worries she’ll end up causing their death. They get aggressive and she’s saved by Death. That would be more in line with the plot and characters, than just a random school girl making thugs go after her.

Recommendation: Despite some tropes, do give this a go. It’s a really interesting story and I really like it myself!

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