The Cocoon of Time

The Cocoon of Time [First Impression]

The Cocoon of Time is a bit odd, but it has a distinct charm to it. So far I’m not really convinced, but it may be worth to check out!

Alt TitlesThe Revolution of Time, 时间之茧
CreatorsHunting age (猎星时代) [Author & Artist]
NovelNot that I know
GenreDramaSci-FiSlice of LifeSupernatural, Mature Warning: Suicide, Gore,

Summary of Cocoon Of Time from Mangakakalot (because I suck at translating it myself)

“The entanglements and adventures of young Tang Tang and young girls repairing the time of the month.

Humans are constantly destroying the order of the world, and the world is gradually overwhelmed. The world has evolved to fight it in the 25th hour, and has produced monsters like the cocoon of time”

The Cocoon Of Time
I’m not going to lie, I was drawn into the story based on the cover. I can see what the sites are trying to do, since they warn for mature content.

In combination with the cover, you think it’s going to be very sexualized. Now, I’m not sure if that’s the case but you know, the first few chapters were safe from anything too sexual.

If you’ve read “The Deadly Countdown”, you may be familiar with the idea of a countdown appearing over the heads of people close to dying. In our story, the young Tang Tang is trying to save people but they still end up dying.

He’s saved at the very last minute by a girl who has pink hair and remind me of his classmate. The classmate is being abused by her father and decides to find a way out, which obviously shocks our main lead.

Since this is a Chinese comic series, it features a typical “comic book” layout. I am not a huge fan of this, since I much prefer the long layouts seen in manhwa series.

Recommendation: Overall I’d say this is probably not an amazing story, but if you like action in combination with some ecchi/mystery, this may be your thing.

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