The Brother And Sister's Girl

The Brother and Sister’s Girl [Manhwa – First Impression]

“The Brother and Sister’s Girl!” is quite cute, featuring a twist on a story I haven’t seen done a lot before. 

Alt Titles My Brother and I Are Rivals?!, Those Sibling’s Girl,  我和哥哥是情敌?, 그 남매의 그녀
CreatorsKIM Bo-hyeon (봉자) (Author), Minha (민하) (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaRomanceShoujo Ai / YuriSlice of Life,

Summary of The Brother And Sister’s Girl

While amateur photographer HyunWoo was working in a coffee shop, a woman appeared, shining light in her boring daily life. At the same time, HyunWoo secretly took photos of her, making her unconsciously fall for her.

However, after being found taking her secret photo, she was discovered, making her life turn upside down. And, it turns out that she’s the girlfriend of her brother..

The Brother And Sister's Girl
Normally rivals are two friends, enemies and so on. Even if they’re siblings, they’re usually either two sisters or two brothers. I have never seen a brother and sister fighting over the same person.

Now, it seems the person they’re having affection for already slept with the brother. However, we don’t know a lot about their relationship. It seems they’re quite far along, since the brother wanted to introduce her to his sister. Not just a one-off thing.

The initial meeting between the sister and the other girl was quite awkward. Apparently the sister didn’t consider the fact that using a huge ass camera angled towards a person isn’t a bit obvious. 

The following awkward anonymous posting in a forum is quite typical of Asian series. It’s done quite often, such as in “True Beauty“. Of course they tell her she’s lucky if she’s not getting told off by the police.

Overall, the story is so different from my normal manhwa favourites, so I’m quite favourably angled towards this one. It’s still only on one chapter so it can go either way.

Recommendation: Give it a go, it’s different from other plots but we need more chapters to truly tell if it’s good or not.

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