Flower Of The Beast [1st Impression]

Flower Of The Beast is similar to Beauty and the Beast, but with a historical Asian spin. I’m not hating it, but it’s slow-paced.

Alt TitlesThe Flower of Beast, 폐월화: 야수의 꽃, 폐월화 야수의 꽃
CreatorsJo Eun-dam, 조은담 (Author)
OH Soo-Jin, OH Su-Jin, 오수진 (Artist)
AdaptedNovel, probably
GenreDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance

Flower Of The Beast Summary

A very rare flower named Pyewolhwa (Crescent Moon) is located where many people can’t reach it.

A flower so beautiful that even the moon hides from it.

Lee Gyeom, a man called the Grim Reaper, duties himself to protect the flowers.

Unexpectedly however, during a fateful night, an intruder went into the old house as if he were drunk. Though once someone breaks The Pyewolhwa, they have to face a terrible punishment.

“In exchange for letting you go, I shall take your daughter. Until then, you owe me more than you can suffice.

Flower Of The Beast starts very similarly to Beauty and the Beast, namely with a blundering father attempting to pluck a flower.

The owner of the “mansion” becomes upset, because the flowers are important to him.

Stressed and afraid, the father promises his daughter to the owner. However, the owner has no interest in the child, but she somehow ends up coming to the mansion to find a missing pouch.

Their fates entangle and we know love will bloom between them.

The Beast
I’m not sure, but I assume the male lead is cursed or sick.

He needs a white flower to cure his condition, but sadly all the flowers are vibrant red.

The female lead is probably the only person who will help him, since her care of the flowers made one of them turn paler. You can probably guess where things are going with this story.

Sadly I find the story drawn out and kind of boring, but I’ve only read a few chapters initially. Still, it’s not exciting me to read more.

Final thoughts: I’m not loving the story, so I won’t continue it. However, I do appreciate the effort that goes into making the art. It’s not a bad manhwa, just not my type of story.

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