Flower and the Beast [1st Impression]

Flower and the Beast seems quite funny, but I can’t fully get into it. However, it does pick up and become better later on.

Alt TitlesA Flowering Beast, Beast with Flowers, 野兽太子太会撩, 野獣のような皇太子に愛されすぎてる, 꽃을 문 짐승
CreatorsSolddam, 솔땀 (Author)
Jooreong, Ju-Rung, Jureong, 주렁 (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaFantasy,  HistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance

Flower And The Beast Summary

A heart throbbing, royal fantasy comic on the romance of Moo-young, a fierce beast who disguises as a puppy to gain love; and Hwa-yeon, a girl, who raises and trains a large puppy, oblivious to its real identity.

Flower And The Beast
Flower And The Beast starts off slightly slow, with a lot of dialogue between our female lead’s family.

Turns out the female lead has been in a coma for years and only recently woke up due to her family’s help.

However, what I don’t fully understand is the female lead’s need to be an “isekai” heroine. It makes very little sense nor does it really matter towards the plot.

She could have picked up the skills in the “new” world, too. The trauma she’s suffering from isn’t exactly preventing her from living a good life, either.

Originally I thought the story was something akin to Beauty and the Beast, which I suppose is kind-of similar.

Flower And The Beast
Our male lead is easily falling in love with the female lead, but doesn’t know it.

As for the female lead, she’s ignorant and doesn’t realize the guy is the crown prince. Despite his flaming red locks and imposing frame, she doesn’t realize he’s the emperor’s son.

Male lead is quite cute, almost like a dog with a wagging tail. I must say I do like the couple but the story itself isn’t super unique.

As for the comedy, it’s there but I don’t necessarily care much for the surrounding politics or family. It’s all too overexaggerated and it’s not exactly something I’m loving.

Final thoughts: I suggest checking the story out but it’s nothing too special. It ends up becoming better further on, but the first couple of chapters aren’t that great.

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