The 7th Of July

The 7th of July [First Impression]

I am very confused, but also very intrigued. “The 7th Of July” is an interesting story of a love god who does things they’re not supposed to do.

Alt TitlesChénqíng Fù, 7th of July, 陈情赋, Chenqing Fu  
Genre DramaFantasyIsekaiRomanceSupernatural, Mature Warning: GoreSuicide
The 7th Of July

I HIGHLY suggest you do not skip over the first chapter’s information about “7th Of July”. Sadly the summary is literally only “the story of a love god“, which says absolute nothing about the story.

Apparently, the man with the long white/pale blonde hair is Yuelao, and is a representation of the Chinese god of love.. This love god is supposedly carrying a roll of red, silk thread which he ties together potential couple’s with. I think you probably know about “the red string of fate”.

From what I gathered, this is basically inspired by a folktale called “The Weaver Girl and The Cowherd“. According to the story, the weaver girl symbolises the star vega and the cowherd symbolizes the star altair. Their love wasn’t allowed, so they were banished to opposite side of the heavenly river (milky way, basically).

Now, the reason for the title is pretty simple. It’s only once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, that a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers.

The Japanese names are Orihime and Hikoboshi, which are celebrated in the Tanabata festival in Japan. Apparently there folklore exists in South Korea too, and it’s celebrated on 7th of July during the Chilseok festival.

In our manhua story, the weaver girl asks Yuelao to bind her fate with the cowherd once again. They seem to have lived together happily, even having children. Yet, it’s not meant to last it seems as she’s forced back into the godly realms.

I can’t say I’m not confused about this story, regardless, because I am. It seems to me the god of love actually loved the weaver girl. It ended in tragedy but we still saw happy moments between them… I am very confused about the outcome of this story.

Despite the confusing aspect of this story, I must say the colouring was really beautiful. “Hell” was so vibrant and pretty, despite the extremely confusing aspect of the story.

If anyone knows more about this folktale and what actually happened in the story, please comment! I really want to have some feedback on what happened and what everything meant.

Recommendation: Despite the story being a really confusing one, I still think it’s worth taking a look at. I really like the premise of it, although it’s very hard to understand what actually happened.

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