Don’t concern yourself with that book [Recommendation]

Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book is a good story about a female protagonist trying to avoid her own death, using a diary as a tool. Sadly, preventing the death seems quite difficult!

Alt TitlesDon’t Give Your Heart to That Book, Geu Chaege Maeumeul Juji Maseyo, No le entregues tu corazón a ese libro, No te preocupes por ese diario, 请不要为画动情, 그 책에 마음을 주지 마세요
CreatorsMoon Sihyun, fine apple, fine애플, MUN Si Hyeon, 문시현 (Author)
Im Jojo, 임조조, Lim Jojo (Artist)
AdaptedFrom Novel probably
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/blood, , Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, RomanceSupernatural
That Book

Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book Summary

I’m being reborn as Ashley Rosé, the daughter of the 8th wife of the Emperor of Estria.

I thought I was going to live a long and happy life in luxury, but soon I realize I’m an extra in the book ‘Light of Rusbella’ I have been reading.

While cleaning, I discovered a magic diary that seem to foretell the future, and learn that nothing but ruin awaits me.

Ashley Rosé is destined to die by the hands of the Crown Prince, Castor the Tyrant!


Don't Concern Yourself With That Book [Recommendation]
Don’t Concern Yourself With That Book starts off with our heroine reincarnating into Ashley, a woman destined to die.

The story doesn’t take place in something akin to medieval times, instead it seems the country is quite warm. The clothing and everything reminds me of Greece.

The female lead is trying her best to avoid death by Castor, however, she fails. She fails a whopping 39 times, constantly being pushed back into the days leading up to her death.

Surprisingly, I find the story to be quite interesting, despite multiple tropes and clichés. The reincarnation trope or even the time travel is quite common. However, I found the tyrant, Castor, to be really interesting.

It’s not love at first sight, or at the very least he doesn’t give a flying F about the princess.

Don't Concern Yourself With That Book [Recommendation]

He kills her 39 times, regardless of her answers or behaviour. I quite like that fact, which gives more precedent towards him being a cruel and vicious killer.

I think the story is a harem story, which means we have multiple male love interests. We’re being told in the first chapter that she picks a man to be with, but we don’t know who the man is.

I’m getting slight Shadow Queen vibes, with how the female lead is trying to bring people on her side. It’s quite an interesting story and I think I would like to read more.

Final thoughts: Although a lot of it contains clichés and tropes, it’s not a bad story. We have various things happening, which keeps the story relatively fresh. I’d say give it a read if you can.

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