The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra [1st Impression]

The Time Of The Terminally Ill Extra is a sad story about a woman slowly dying. She decides taking her life in her own hands and runs away from home.

Alt TitlesLimited Extra Time, Limited Time Extra, Time of the Terminally-Ill Extra, 시한부 엑스트라의 시간, sihanbu egseuteulaui sigan
CreatorsChoba (Author)
Eunhyang Ja (Author)
KIMPEUL, 킴플 (Artist)
Genre DramaFantasy, HistoricalMature Warning:  DepressionRomance
Terminally Ill

The Time Of The Terminally Ill Extra Summary

As the middle child who is neither the heir nor the cherished younger twins, Karina has lived her whole life hidden away from others.

She, who only had one hobby of painting, found out that she only had one year left to live.

So without a plan, she went to visit her fiancé who she barely knew… To annul the engagement as he always wanted.

“I won’t beat around the bush. I want to spend a year here.”

“….My Lady, have you gone crazy?”

“In return, I’ll agree to annul the engagement.”

But, she didn’t know then.

That she would receive the unconditional love that she had never received her whole life from him, and that she would come to have a desire to live her once meaningless life.

Terminally Ill
This story is quite sad, since our female lead is dying indirectly due to her family mistreating her.

They’re not cruel to her or anything like that, more not caring for her fully.

It’s clear they’re not seeing her or her worries, focusing on the other family members. She’s distant from them due to them pushing her away initially.

As she realizes she’s dying, she ends up actually wanting to change her life and live for herself. She ends up travelling to her fiancé, without her family knowing where she went.

Terminally Ill
In the end, she ends up finding someone who actually SEES her for who she is.

If nothing else, at least she finds someone who appreciates her for who she is.

Our female lead is definitely not without fault. She could have spoken out, thrown a tantrum and so on. However, that’s not easy to do when you’re being overlooked by everyone.

It’s sad the one thing that makes her happy is also the thing that’s killing her. If nothing else, I feel like this story is a good representation and analogy of how it could be in any situation in real life.

I quite love the male lead, who is actually a good person. It’s not forceful, but the romance is definitely there and interesting.

Final thoughts: So far I’m impressed with the story and looking forward to reading more!

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