The Elegant Duke’s Teaching Methods [1st Impression]

The Elegant Duke’s Teaching Methods is not for a young audience! If you dislike anything concerning intimacy, look away and don’t check this one!

Alt TitlesElegant Duke’s Teaching Method, 우아한 공작님의 조교법
CreatorsAB, 에이비, Eibi (Author & Artist)
Bani, 반이 (Artist)
GenreDrama, RomanceMature WarningSmutSlice of Life
Teaching Methods

The Elegant Duke’s Teaching Methods Summary

“You mean you want to play without knowing how to kiss?”
Lillian, Duchess of Astrid, receives several pictures one day. The main character in the picture is her husband, Asher Astrid.

In the photo, he was seen wearing a dog collar, kneeling, and being whipped by someone. In front of Lilian, even with a calm smile, he had never seen before.

Asher, who was found out about his secret hobby, asked for a divorce from Lillian, but she rejects him and offers punishment as a reward…

The secret teaching life of the elegant duke couple begins.

The Elegant Duke's Teaching Methods [1st Impression]
The Elegant Duke’s Teaching Methods is from the same author as A Kind Goblin’s Bird, so you know what to expect.

The story seems to be featuring a lot of dominance and submission. Something I’m liking a lot is the modern setting with a hint of historical tradition.

We’re currently in the modern days, but there’s still political business marrying. Our female and male lead are seemingly not in love, but simply marrying due to political reasons.

The Elegant Duke's Teaching Methods
The manhwa starts with photos of the male lead being tied up in a club, making the female lead much more interested in him.

Due to some other things occurring, an argument ensues and our female lead tosses the photos of the male lead in his face. I quite love that she’s scared of pissing him off.

As for the art, there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s a distinctive style to the manhwa series which I quite like, it seems more “realistic”. I also really like the colouring, too.

Final thoughts: I’ve only read 3 chapters, but so far I’m really liking it. If you don’t like anything s*xual, you’re better off not reading this.

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