TappyToon Vs Tapas Vs Pocket Comics

TappyToon vs Tapas vs Pocket Comics

We’ve all seen ads for TappyToon, Tapas and Pocket Comics. The biggest question is, how expensive are these sites really?

The lists will only feature the cost when discounts aren’t counted into it. We’re taking the average price per chapter, but sometimes it may be more expensive or less.

TappyToon Vs Tapas Vs Pocket Comics
Site Name TappyToon
Currency Tokens and Points
Tokens/points per dollarTokens: 0,12 dollars (lowest) – 0.11 dollars (highest tier)
Points: 0.02 dollars (lowest) – 0.06 dollars (highest)
Lowest vs highest tier41 tokens for 4.99, 860 tokens for 99.99 dollars
Cost of 80 chapters (about 3 chap free)240 tokens needed, cost 3 tokens per chapter. About 28 dollars, including free chapters, with lowest tier. Slightly cheaper, 26 dollars if you get the 99.99 dollar pack.
Cost for 1 chapter3 tokens. 0.36 dollars.
Chapters per tier vs money13.6 chapters for 4.99 + 2/3 chapter with points | 286, 6 chapters for 99.99, + 6 chapters with points.
Please note you also get points per purchase, so the actual amount of chapters you need to buy may be slightly lower.

Ok so it’s a lot of numbers and what not but how did I get these numbers. I took the amount of tokens you receive per tier and then split it with the money you pay. Obviously there’s brackets so you may not be able to get 13.6 chapters, but you’d need to buy enough to cover for 20 chapters and so on. Tappytoon takes about 28 dollars for a full series of 80 chapters.

TappyToon Vs Tapas Vs Pocket Comics
Site Name Tapas
Currency INKs
INK per dollar0.0012 dollars (lowest) – 0.012 (highest without bonus points) – 0.00083 dollars (with bonus points)
Lowest vs highest tier1600 inks per 1.99 dollars, 40 000 (+20k) per 49.99 dollars
Cost of 80 chapters (usually 3 chapters free)30 000 inks needed. 36 dollars needed, including free chapters. With the highest tier’s bonus points, about 25 dollars.
Cost for 1 chapter375 inks, 0.45 dollars (seen 385 inks too for 1 chapter)
Chapters per tier vs money375 inks, 1 chapter | 160 chapters for 49.99

INK is worth around 0.0012 dollars per 1 INK. So If a chapter costs 375 INKS you need to pay roughly 0.45 dollars per chapter. So if we multiple that by 80 chapters we end up with 36 dollars. Granted, sometimes the chapters cost a bit more or you may need less, but it’s an average. So basically you’re paying about 40 dollars for a full series.

TappyToon Vs Tapas Vs Pocket Comics
Site NamePocket Comics
Currency Coins
Coins per dollar10 coins = 0,099 dollars x 10 (lowest) – 0.0999 dollars (highest) – with bonus coins 0.0909 dollars
Lowest vs highest tier0.99 dollars – 99.99 dollars
Cost of 80 chapters 400 coins to 720 coins. 39.6 dollars at the most. 36.36 dollars at the least.
720 coins = 71.28 dollars vs 64.8 dollars (if you use the bonus coins). Occasionally a story cost 2 coins, plus coin-back
Chapters per tier vs
Lowest purchase amount: 10 coins, gives about 2 chapters average. so 0.99 dollars per 2 chapter. Around 40 dollars per 80 chapters.
You also get tickets daily and sometimes free coins. Occasionally a story costs 7 or 9 coins.

Conclusion: TappyToon is the cheapest option seen to the actual cost per chapter. Not to mention they also have a bulk option, which makes it possible to get extra points to use. I’m not 100% sure how many points, but I think you can expect at least 800 points by unlocking 40 chapters. This is enough to unlock 2 chapters.

Pocket Comics offer a lot more free chapters than both TappyToon and Tapas. Every 8 hours you get to watch ads to unlock chapters. Not to mention you get 2 tickets per day, which is quite nice. If you’re patient, Pocket Comics is probably still the best option to read stories from. Sometimes the stories also have 1 chapter free per day.

However, it’s still clear that Tappytoon seems cheaper initially. Not to mention, they also have more popular stories than both Pocket Comics and Tapas.

What makes Tapas a good option is the novels they have available. It’s definitely a thing to consider since many of us want to read novels, too. Both Tapas and Tappytoon seem to have more manhwa to read than Pocket Comics. If you buy inks in bulk, you’ll save about 50 dollars and get double the amount of chapters.

Pocket Comics feature everything from manhwa, manhua and manga – which could be interesting for those who are interested in comics as a whole.

So what does this mean? It means it’s expensive as hell to read multiple stories using these apps and sites. There’s free ways to get the coins/tokens/inks but let’s face it, those ways almost never work. I don’t have the patience to play a game for 8h to get a few coins. If I’m eagerly looking for new stories to read on these sites, I think TappyToon is the best option to bulk read on.

Pocket Comics work for some stories you’re not too crazy about and you’re willing to wait a bit on. Tapas isn’t bad either, but it just depends what you’re after and how much you want to spend.

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