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Tap Anime – Color By Number [Game Review]

Tap Anime – Color By Number is a relaxing game, suitable for all ages and genders.

Developer/PublisherBrilliant Games Private Ltd.
Available NowYes
GenreColoring, Casual Games
RatingSuitable for all ages
WarningsSome lightly dressed manga girls/women
Voice ActedN/A
In-App PurchasesSome, Yes
Free to PlayYes
PlatformsAndroid, Apple

I quite like “Tap Anime – Color By Number” but I have some issues with it. Let’s start with what’s good with the game. Initially the pictures to color seem quite dull, but as you color the picture you get a beautiful image. You don’t quite know what to get when you start, but as you progress into the pictures you realize most are quite beautiful.

You have the option to save the images by paying gold. You also have help in case you get stuck, either by paying gold or by watching an ad. I’d say you should definitely fill in the pictures color by color, or section by section. Certain times you need to color a tiny sliver and you just can’t find where you need to color it.

Tap Anime – Color By Number is free to play, and you can unlock more pictures by watching an ad. This is honestly the simplest way to gain more pictures, but even the free pictures are nice and end up quite beautiful.

Tap Anime - Color By Number

The issue I mainly have is how the game’s coloring by number is just… atrocious. I have pink which I need to color in, but that pink goes for both skin, clothes, shoes and so on.

What doesn’t make much sense to have a color which goes for EVERYTHING. If it’s black you need to color in, it should be black, not dark purple or navy blue. And then those colors give you something entirely different.

This makes it exceedingly hard to “guess” where you might have missed a spot. My pink could actually be closer to beige or even green! Sometimes the pictures color is also awkward. Twice I’ve gotten images where the skin is more purple than beige or even brown. Last time I checked, humans weren’t purple.

Certain pictures also would need some more cleanup because it honestly doesn’t make much sense to have such a tiny sliver you can see it without using an ad to find it. Especially since a number doesn’t even fit in. I’m also quite annoyed with the ads popping up all the time. Sometimes it’s the opposite, one color and tap colors in a huuuge portion.

Ads are annoying. Yes, I get that the game devs and publishers need money but can I at least get a break by not having an ad after each pictures. As it stands, I just tab out and return, skipping the ad.

Overall, I’d say the game is well-worth a try, despite its issues – it’s quite fun and relaxing. And like I said, pictures are beautiful. If you turn off the internet as you play it, I imagine you can also skip the ads entirely. Or you can pay a bit. I’m not sure I like it enough to do that, thought.

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