Tales of greed [First Impression]

Tales of Greed which features the worst humanity has to offer. We’re going to be seeing some truly messed up things, so prepare yourself.

Alt TitlesDesire Diary, Diary of Desire, Yongmangilgi, 欲望日記, 욕망일기
CreatorsJuin Kim [KIM Ju In, 김주인, goldmaster0] (Author)
Taejun Pak Webtoon Company (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation, Official Indonesian Translation
GenreAction, DramaFantasy,  HorrorMature Warning: Depression,  Drugs / AlcoholGore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder
Tales Of Greed [First Impression]

Tales Of Greed Summary

Every person has something they desire, whether it’s beauty, wealth, or power.

Depending on what you’re willing to risk, you could have anything your heart desires.

You could be beautiful with the swipe of an app or become anyone with the press of a button — but it all comes with a price.

How far would you be willing to go to get what you wish for?

Tales Of Greed [First Impression]
This anthology series start off strong with “Face Correction”. We truly glimpse into the messed up psyche of some people.

We have our protagonist, whom is, for the lack of better words, ugly. She has in the eyes of her peers no redeeming qualities and neither in her own eyes.

The artist spares no feelings when drawing her, adding features such as big nose, small and far apart eyes and quite pronounced cheekbones.

Everything changes when she comes across an app which allows her to alter photos of herself. Little does she know the when she hits save, the photo becomes reality.

Tales Of Greed [First Impression]
Even so, there’s still some people who are jealous of her and want to cause her harm.

I truly do not think she’s an evil protagonist, she’s just desperate to look decent. Not to be shunned or ridiculed by others. The accidental harm she causes other is just that, accidental.

Yet, the manhwa clearly shows there’s no line between good or bad. You’ll get what’s due, one way or the other. Her end isn’t satisfying in any way, but I haven’t been expecting a happy ending anyway.

The general feel of this manhwa reminds me a bit too much about “Tales of the Unusual”. I almost thought it was the same author and creator behind these two.

Recommendation: So far we only have the first story out, but I reckon the rest are also going to keep high quality. You should definitely be reading these stories when you can!

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