A Talented Maid

A Talented Maid [Manhwa – Recommendation]

A Talented Maid” is a good story about a princess who turns into a maid. She does this in order to avoid persecution and death.

Alt TitlesA Competent Maid, Eine Begabte Dienerin, Eine Begabte Maid,  La sirvienta capaz, Marie Sang Pelayan Berbakat, Neungryeog Issneun Sinyeonim, Uma Empregada Capaz, Uma Empregada Competente, Una criada capaz, Una mucama competente, Une bonne capable, Une bonne compétent, Une domestique capable, Une domestique compétent, Une femme domestique capable, Une femme domestique compétent, Способная горничная, できるメイド様,  超能力侍女, 능력 있는 시녀님
CreatorsYuin/流人/유인 (Author), Sanho/산호 (Artist & Author)
Licensed?Yes, TapasOriginal Webcomic, Official Chinese Translation, Official Japanese Translation, Official Indonesian Translation
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Romance
A Talented Maid

Summary of A Talented Maid

As Maurina, she’s on the run as the last of her kingdom’s royal line. Disguised as Marie, she is just a maid, serving the victorious empire.

She’s never been very good at anything. When she’s told to make a wish, she asks for the ability to help others and bring them happiness.

Now as visions of brilliant and skilled people fill her dreams, she’s imbued with a bounty of abilities perfectly suited for any dilemma. But will her secrets last as the crown prince seeks out both Maurina and Marie?

A Talented Maid
Marie is a really interesting character. She would have been useless had she not been taking care of a prisoner and him granting her a wish. The fact she’s a princess never really amounted to a lot.

I enjoy reading a story where the protagonist doesn’t really have any evil motives behind wanting to do anything. They’re just “good” and seek to help others, regardless of their own success.

The maid draws the attention of the emperor and she ends up serving him directly. Due to her dreams, she’s able to help the country with various issues. This ends up gaining her the respect of the emperor and others around her. And for some wanting to use her for their own reasons.

So far we haven’t seen a huge revelation regarding her identity. I think the emperor may be suspecting something, but with no proof it’s impossible to act upon that. I can’t wait when they’re finally doing the big reveal!

Final thoughts: If you like a slow-burn story, not yet “quite there” with the romance, give this one a shot.

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