Sweet Bite Marks

Sweet Bite Marks [First Impression]

Sweet Bite Marks is a typical story of a narcissistic asshole of a male lead and a weak, pitiable human.

Alt TitlesA Sweet Bite, Dulces Mordidas, Sweet Bite, Sweet Bites, Tian Mei De Yao Hen, Tianmei de Yaohen, Tiánměi de Yǎohén, Vết Cắn Ngọt Ngào, العضة الحلوة, 甘美な傷痕, 甜美的咬痕, 달콤한 종속: 뱀파이어와 키스를
CreatorsRui Si [Rui Si Ruis, Ruisi, Ruis×Yikai, Ruì sī, 锐思RUIS, 锐思] (Author)
Yi Kai [Yi Kai saar, YiKai, Yī kǎi, 伊凯saar, 伊凯] (Artist)
Licensed Yes, WebComicsMangaToonPocket ComicsJapaneseVietnamese
GenreDramaFantasyHorrorMature Warning: AbuseRape / Mentions of Rape, Gore, PsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural
Sweet Bite Marks  [First Impression]

Sweet Bite Marks Summary

An insufferably arrogant vampire prince falls in love with a lowly human commoner girl!

In a forbidden game of cat and mouse, you cannot stop this blood-stained love.

Gently taking a bite, you are my possession. 

Sweet Bite Marks  [First Impression]
I’m not liking this story, because I’ve seen it regurgitated to the point it’s just a mess. At least the first 50+ chapters.

I hate the narcissistic male lead trope who then suddenly starts caring about the woman he previously preyed upon. Yet he’s still rude towards everyone else, too.

Yes, I get she looks like his nanny or whatever, but that’s not a good enough reason. I suppose he’s impulsive, but he should learn some control and not act like an ass.

Overall the male lead is unlikable and I dislike him greatly. He then gets hurt and of course the pitiable female lead starts pitying him. Despite hating him and wanting nothing to do with him initially..

Not to mention, the story has the common “rape” trope. The female lead is almost raped then saved by the male lead, despite it being his fault in the first place. Normally I’d drop a series right then and there, but I gave this one a shot since the art looks pretty decent.

However, it’s clear the art isn’t enough to save this one from a “dropped” status. I wouldn’t bother reading this story at least up until chapter 50. Especially not spending my hard-earned money on it for the initial clichéd romance. It’s simply not good enough, although the world is interesting in itself.

Sweet Bite Marks  [First Impression]
I think the story does become better as soon as we pass by the whole angst part.

However, you need to get that far, too. I read the end of the story to see where we start and where we end, and it’s a huge improvement. Yet I can’t bring myself to read it from the start!

I’m not going to bother reading this story more than I already have. It does improve and reaches a satisfying conclusion, but argh! It feels like the author made a 180 degree turn somewhere along the story. Sweet Bite Marks actually seem to have some decent social issues being discussed, too.

Sadly this this isn’t being explored or talked about in detail in the first few chapters. Had it been the main focus, maybe I would have read more and end up liking the story.

I just don’t know guys, I don’t want to hate on this one since it seems to have good, redeeming qualities. However, it’s like there’s two separate stories and I can’t connect these together.

Recommendation: If you like dominant male leads and weak female leads, maybe worth reading for the hope of a good story.

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