To You Who Swallowed A Star

To You Who Swallowed a Star [Recommendation]

“To You Who Swallowed a Star” is a cute story about a girl who takes two children under her wings. One of them later ends up being a celebrity. Every day occurrences, you know.

Alt TitlesTo You Who Swallowed the Star, 별을 삼킨 너에게, To You Who Kept the Star, Byeoreul samkin neoege, Shine on You, แด่เธอผู้ครอบครองดวงดาว, 拥抱星星的你
CreatorsARI (아리)
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons Simplified ChineseThaiIndonesian
Release2021 (English), 2020 (Korean)
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
To You Who Swallowed A Star

Summary of To You Who Swallowed A Star

When Jiu Seo moves out of her childhood friend’s mansion and into a small one-bedroom apartment, she thinks her world is ending — that is, until she meets Hajun and Hayul, the neglected children who live downstairs.

When a scouting offer comes in for Hajun to join an idol survival program, Jiu encourages him to audition, completely unaware of how it will change the trajectory of her and everyone else’s lives forever.

To You Who Swallowed A Star
Hajun and Hayul
I wasn’t too keen on the art initially, but it did grow on me and I ended up quite liking it. The characters look soft and cute, like they’re very young. We’re lead to believe Jiu Seo and Hajun are dating in the prologue. I’m not sure that’s the case, since I don’t think I could do that personally.

I mean, Jiu Seo basically feeds them, clothes them and tells them to shower. She’s more of a mother to them. Maybe the relationship changes into something else, what do I know.

Our protagonist reminds me a lot of the MC in “Wannabe Challenge“. I think it might be the choker and brown hair that does it for me. Overall the story seems interesting and I’m probably going to keep an eye on this.

It’s not my favourite type of genre but this story is quite good. It features a wide range of issues relating to growing up. Having a divorced single parent who works all the time, losing their temper constantly and so on. I think it’s important to show that life isn’t always perfect. And “To You Who Swallowed A Star” does that perfectly.

Recommendation: A good slice of life story! If you like that genre it’s a good read.

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