Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance [First Impression]

Surviving Romance is an interesting take on both horror and romance. The story is such a mind-twist, I’m surprised the protagonist hasn’t gone insane yet.

Alt TitlesSurvive Romance, Survive romanX, 戀愛生存戰, 该死的告白日, 살아남은 로맨스, Liàn’ài shēngcún zhàn, Lian Ai Sheng Cun Zhan, Gāisǐ de gàobái rì, Gai Si De Gao Bai Ri, Saranameun Romaenseu, Sar’anam’eun Romance
CreatorsLEE Yeon [ccu3030, Gaje, Li Yeon, lyyonevv, Ли Ён, ザリガニ, 가재, Lee Yone]
LicensedYes, EnglishS.ChineseT.Chinese
AdaptedDon’t Think So
GenreActionDramaHorrorMature WarningMurderGore, PsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural, Isekai
Surviving Romance [First Impression]

Surviving Romance Summary

When Chaerin Eun becomes the protagonist of the romance novel she is reading, she expects a fairytale ending with the novel’s love interest, Jeha.

But when a bizarre twist makes her realize the story is not playing out as it does in the book.

She’ll need the help of an unlikely character from her class to defy the new storyline and find her happy ending — if only she can figure out who this ‘Unknown Extra’ is first!

Surviving Romance [First Impression]
Jeha has looked better
Surviving Romance is a unique take on the isekai romance genre.

It slightly reminds me of the zombie version of Pride and Prejudice, I suppose because of the zombies and nothing else.

Anyway, the story is basically a loop of misfortune for our main character, Chaerin Eun, who keeps dying. Normally the male interest, Jeha, keeps saving her. However, as the story progresses she ends up dying over and over again. No matter what she does, she ends up on the chopping block.

As her story progresses, the world around her resets to the same place and time as in the beginning. Talk about a horrible existence!

Not only that, she’s also experiencing the physical sensations of dying, too. When she’s bitten by the zombies, teeth mark are left and she feel the chomping sensation. Likewise, when stabbed she feels the stabbing after it occurred.

Surviving Romance [First Impression]
The art is really pretty!
I’m not sure about you, but I would have gone insane had this been me! No matter what you do, you end up dead.

That’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy, to be honest.

What’s even more unique is how the extras in the story are literally shadow figures. No wonder she couldn’t bother with them in the past. So far I haven’t gotten too far into the story, which is why I’m leaving this as a first impression.

However, I’m having a good feeling about this story! Chaerin seems to be quite smart and uses her deaths to further find out what the hell is going on!

For obvious reasons, don’t let kids read this. Oh and Lee Yeon also made “The Makeup Remover”, in case you recognize the name.

Recommendation: Yes! It’s well worth checking out and reading!

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