Surviving As The Prince's Fiancée

Surviving as the Prince’s Fiancée [First Impression – Manhwa]

It had potential, but sadly it fell quite flat. If you like female leads talking back to their rude captors, you might enjoy this.

Alt Title Crown Prince Special Assistant, The Prince’s Heavenly Fiancée, Prince’s Heavenly Fiancée, Surviving as the Prince’s Fiancee, 皇子的天降未婚妻,
 황태자 약혼녀로 살아남기
CreatorsHuiSe (Art), Daon Studio, BongBong, JO Eun Hee (Story)
Licensed?Yes, Tapas
Release2019 (English & Korean)
GenreComedyDramaFantasy, HistoricalIsekaiRomance,

Surviving As The Prince’s Fiancée is an isekai one, where the female lead literally falls into water. She’s saved by a man who decides kissing her under water is the best way to help her. I’m not exactly confident about this, but fairly certain that’s not something you should do.

I imagine you’ll just push whatever water they have in the mouth down into their lungs.

Surviving As The Prince's Fiancée

“On her way back home late one night, office worker Sophie stumbles into another world where she’s a princess?! Well that’s what Alan, prince of the Lapis Kingdom, says.

To return to her world she must fulfill the prophecy and help Alan become king. Sophie agrees but…amidst a war for the crown, can she survive?”

Apparently this is a manhwa, but for me it reminds me a lot about manhuas. We have a female lead who loves talking back to their captor, which they don’t know if he’s dangerous or not.

And we also have a rude prince who just decides he can do whatever he wants to her. Because just because he’s a prince he has the right to someone’s body.

The chapters are quite short, but since the story is so-so, maybe that’s a blessing. The art itself isn’t bad, but it’s not anything ground-breaking from what I saw.

Recommendation: Skip this one – Contains typical female talking back to rude guy, then they fall in love with each other as the guy forces himself on her.

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