Sunken Fish [First Impression]

Sunken Fish [First Impression]

Sunken Fish is a slightly confusing story, but our main lead is seemingly a very dry person who is a no nonsense kind of guy. 

Alt Titles沉鱼, Chen Yu, Chén yú
CreatorsInterstellar Entertainment [星际互娱, IIE STAR, Xīngjì hù yú, Xingji hu yu]
GenreComicsDramaShounen Ai/ YaoiSports
Sunken Fish [First Impression]
Yu Moxiang as a child, I guess

Sunken Fish Summary

The emotional entanglement between two video game players. Lin ChenXiu, a video gamer captain, with a gloomy childhood and Yu Moxiang, a dedicated and enthusiastic team player.

The story begins with the two bravely fighting forward in an under-optimized team.

Sunken Fish [First Impression]
It seems a bunch of guys are living together and working together as an e-sports team. One guy wants to quit and another one ends up joining, which is seemingly someone from the group leader’s past.

 I quite like the captain’s attitude, but I can totally see how it seems he just doesn’t care about the team.

Sadly I was pulled out from the story since they were playing e-sport without headsets, which is kind of unrealistic. If you’re going to have it as a plot point, at least have it decently detailed and accurate.

It’s like having a medical drama and they’re operating on the heart, but they’re going in from the side.

It may seem like a silly complaint, but when you’re not emotionally invested in the series, you’re going to find the mistakes much faster and be less accepting of them.

Sunken Fish [First Impression]

I get they want to show the faces of the players, but it’s not like a headset has to be clunky or in the way of the face. It’s just a choice the artist did. This is quite annoying for someone who actually plays video games, and know a bit about how e-sport work. It just wouldn’t work in a professional setting.

It’s a pity I’m not feeling the plot, since the art seems to be quite nicely done. The male characters seem to be designed very well, with muscle tones in the right places. For instance, our 2nd male lead has really nice shading on the arms. It really looks like great art but the details for authenticity seems to be lacking.

Rekommendation: Seems like it could be interesting but not my cup of tea. Maybe if you can overlook the e-sport part and just look at it as a boy’s love manhua, you’ll enjoy it more.

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