A summer Night’s Dream [1st Impression]

A Summer Night’s Dream is an interesting webtoon, focusing on an ex-student returning to her previous school as a teacher. If you dislike older female, younger men, you may want to stay away.

Alt Titles한여름 밤의 꿈
CreatorsKim su bak, KIM Soo-bak, 김수박 (Author)
Kan, SEO Yoo-hyun, 서유현, 칸(Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
Genre DramaFantasy Mature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
A Summer Night's Dream

A Summer Night’s Dream Summary

Have you ever wondered if the person you like is dreaming about you?

Teacher Yeoreum Han doesn’t have to guess — she can make it happen, with her ability to walk into other people’s dreams.

She can even link the dreams of two people together, and use this ability to play Cupid for her students.

But her matchmaking goes awry when she enters the dream of Si-u Park — a lucid dreamer, who realizes that Yeoreum is walking into his dream.

Si-u and Yeoreum’s lives become intertwined after this incident, weaving a tangled web of love, friendship, and dreamers at Hanseo High.

A Summer Night's Dream
A Summer Night’s Dream is a bit of a complex story, with the female lead having some supernatural ability. She can enter other peoples’ dreams and make them connect.

It’s honestly reminding me slightly about Matchmaker, which also features a female lead entering into dreams.

As for our female lead, she’s seemingly quite popular with everyone and soon becomes closer with the male lead. It seems the male lead is in a bad spot with his parents, which the teacher ends up seeing in the dream she enters.

Turns out the male lead is a lucid dreamer, someone who can control his dreams. Due to this, he realizes the teacher is there and she knows what’s going on.

Although their relationship starts out with some blackmailing, it’s clear they’re going to connect on an emotional level. However, I’m not sure he’s going to be the “male lead” since he’s younger than her.

Final thoughts: I definitely suggest reading the story, especially since it’s free on webtoons.

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