Sultry Wedding [1st Impression]

Sultry Wedding is definitely not a great story, with very odd plot. If you’ve read any other story with a CEO wanting a non-wanting bride, you’ve read them all.

Alt Titles婚色撩人, Hūn sè liāo rén, Hun Se Liao Ren
CreatorsAkko Culture
GenreDrama,  Romance
Sultry Wedding [1st Impression]

Sultry Wedding Summary

Ye Ziqiu, who is born in a wealthy family, has been living in the mud all the time.

She is kind and tolerant and she’s forced to to marry. Due to heart issues, she is forced to implant a new heart and she falls into the claws of Yan Mengjun!

This perverted pervert who deceives the whole world is not only extremely clever, but also a demon head with a mask!

She lived only to atone for her sins, but since she married Yan Mengjun, she has to make peace with her body. She no longer wants her heart.

Sultry Wedding [1st Impression]

Our female lead is set to marry someone who she doesn’t want to marry. Apparently her sister was set to marry the man, but drops it off on her other sister, Ye Ziqiu.

Ye Ziqiu ends up agreeing to marriage and having xxx with her husband. However, only after he shows her a clip of her sister sleeping with the guy she has a crush on.

Sadly, or thankfully, the story isn’t too exciting to read. The female lead gives up quite quickly, allowing the guy to do what he wants with her.

The story is quite poor and without any decent material, but the art is at least somewhat decent.

I feel like this story is quite similar to all of the other stories with a rich CEO and woman who doesn’t want to marry. Basically most manhua series I’ve been reading.

Final thoughts: You can probably skip this series, it’s nothing special or great.

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