Sultan's bought bride

Sultan’s bought bride [First Impression]

Sultan’s Bought Bride is story about a princess who wants to save her sisters from their home country. A ridiculous plot ensues, including false identities.

Alt TitlesSultan no Hanayome, スルタンの花嫁, Sultan’s Bride
CreatorsJane Porter [ジェイン・ポーター] (Author)
TANAKA Rin  [EVE-sha, EVE-sya, EVE-舎, 타나카 린, 田中琳] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Harlequin K.K., SoftBank Creative – Pocket Comics (coloured vers.), Manga-Club (black&white)
Release2013, 2021 Colored vers.
AdaptedHarlequin Novel
Genre DramaMature WarningMental / Physical Abuse,  Smut RomanceSlice of Life,

The Sultan’s Bought Bride Summary

Amid a swirl of rose petals, the desert sultan solemnly materializes. Nicolette is stunned. With his well-defined face and glittering ethnic garb, he is the most fascinating thing she’s ever laid eyes on!

“Welcome to the land of a thousand dreams, Princess Chantal.” The name he calls her in his sweet, low voice brings Nicolette back to reality.

That’s right, I’m here posing as my sister, Chantal, his fiancée, to trick him into making our plan work out! Ooh, but can I really take advantage of a man like him?

Sultan's Bought Bride
Sultan’s Bought Bride features three sisters, the main heroine is Nicolette who impersonates her eldest sister Chantal.

You see, Chantal previous marriage ends up in abuse and the early demise of her husband (good riddance, though).

In order to save her from another arranged marriage, Nicolette takes on the role of Chantal. She’s going to seduce and marry the king of the made-up Arabic country.

During the wedding, she plans on having her sisters there so they can run away. She also plans on leaving the poor husband-to-be at the altar. Needless to say, this plan isn’t exactly being planned to perfection. We can only assume things go awry, not to mention due to Nicolette herself.

I got the impression the king knows something is up with Nicolette. The way he so blatantly spoke of her and disliking blonde hair just seems so tongue-in-cheek-obvious.

It doesn’t help Nicolette is also falling hard for the king, even though she barely knows him. She’s acting very emotional and not calculating, which is something her plans require her to be!

Overall I can’t say I hate this story, but I’m not sure you can expect anything super special from it. It may be a guilty pleasure, but the heroine isn’t too likable. She’s far too emotional and not nearly as smart as she think she is.

Recommendation: Give it a go if you like Harlequin romances, it could be worth a shot!

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