suddenly a lady [First Impression]

Suddenly A Lady is a story about a slave girl, getting the opportunity to become a noblewoman. A plot is in the working behind the scenes, with high stakes.

Alt TitlesMendadak Bangsawan, 별안간 아씨, Suddenly I’m a Noblewoman
CreatorsSEO Jayeong [서자영] (Author)
Iring [아이링] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official Indonesian Translation, Official English Translation
AdaptedProbably a novel

Suddenly A Lady Summary

“I’d rather die than be married!”

Deok is a slave whose parents is forcing her to marry, but she prefers to die rather than having to leave the life of slavery to her children later.

When deciding to end her life, suddenly she gets a chance to change her destiny…

Suddenly A Lady
Needless to say, we all know that the slave girl will be falling in love with the first man we see.

They grow close, but she’s also experiencing some of his more serious and deadly sides.

It’s clear they’re going to fall in love, but it’s a slowly burning love. Deok is a spirited girl with a fiery personality, which is good and bad in this case.

The plot is a bit hard to follow along with, since the translation is with some korean words. We have yangban, which may not be an easy word to translate. However, there should be some type of translation or similar word.

We also have gisaeng, which are basically “women from outcast or slave families who were trained to be courtesans. They’re providing artistic entertainment and conversation to men of upper class.”

Suddenly A Lady
I totally understand they’re a specific type of people with rich history and needs have an accurate representation.

However, just translating it as courtesan would have made it easier to follow along with. Albeit it will not have a “proper” translation, it may be easier to follow along with the story.

Overall the story is interesting, but with translation lacking of some harder words, it’s clear this story is not made for the west. It’s definitely better in Korean where they know the language and history.

It’s always sad when you don’t understand the story without having to google words and historical parts.

Honestly it’s up to the translators to make sure we, the English speaking audience, will be understanding it regardless.

Final thoughts: The story is good, but if you hate politics in manhwa you’re not going to like this one. There’s a lot of politics, which is a bit confusing sometimes.

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