SubZero [Webtoon – Recommendation]

SubZero is a webtoon featuring an arranged marriage between two nations. Not everything is at it seems with the Azure clan’s princess, though.

Alt TitlesN/A
LicensedYes, Webtoons
Genre ActionBody SwitchingDramaFantasy, OEM / OELRomanceSupernatural
SubZero webtoon

SubZero Summary

What would you sacrifice to save your family? How far would you go to protect your people?

For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is the unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to your land.

Clove is the female lead of the story and she’s from the Azure clan. We’re told early on the princess lost her mother due to the battle with the Crimson clan. Kyro, the male lead, also lost his brother due to the war.

Needless to say, both sides have lost important people. Which I suppose makes it a bit difficult to forgive and forget.

Some say the plot is very predictable and maybe so, but it’s still enjoyable to me. Kyro and Clove have great chemistry, regardless if they’re enemies or lovers.

I still don’t think they’re “there” on an emotional level, but it may come as the story progresses. You know, it feels like infatuation or a quick crush. Not the comfortable love where you can just be with your partner.

What makes the story good is mostly Clove’s struggle with herself and her dragon. It’s not possible for her to transform, which puts her at risk of both death and a bunch of other things.

With the end of the current season, we’re left just knowing the story is going to take a bad turn for our princess. I’m not sure exactly what will happen, but she’ll probably transform, eventually.

Regardless, it’s an interesting story. Yes it may be a bit predictable, with some hating it and some praising it. I honestly don’t mind the story too much. The arguments may get tedious and all, but I think it’ll work out nicely anyway. Most couples have moments when they fight, especially after the honeymoon phase.

Recommendation: Take a chance and read it, you may end up liking it quite a lot. The art and music is good, so if nothing else you’ll definitely enjoy that.

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