The Strongest Characters in the World Are Obsessed With Me [1st Impression]

The Strongest Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me is a funny manhwa series about a brother and sister. However, there’s some harem aspects and so on.

Alt Titles¡Los personajes más fuertes del mundo están obsesionados conmigo!, 세계관 최강자들이 내게 집착한다, Segyegwan Choegangjadeuli Naege Jibchalchaghanda, The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me
CreatorsGimkokkili (Author)
Zion (Artist)

The Strongest Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me Summary

One day, when a thirteen year old was chewing on some bread that came out as a snack, Dahlia Pesteros suddenly remembered her past life.

This was the world of the tragic otome game where the characters went crazy, and she was born as the person who would become the greatest villain in the future’s younger sister!

At this rate, there was no answer. The household would be exterminated, and I would also get my head cut off. That’s why I have to get out of this household as fast as possible! ‘

I have to make him put his guard down and escape!’

It was going well up until I got rid of the relative who was aiming for the household, the snake-like Emperor, and got Brother’s approval, but- “I want to dance with Dahlia. What’s the problem?”

“Unfortunately, my younger sister is shy.”

“I said that I like Dahlia the most!”

Somehow, I’ve tamed my brother too much, and the strongest characters in the world are obsessed with me!

Strongest Characters
The Strongest Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me starts off with the female lead’s parents dying and her living with her brother.

However, due to his powers he’s usually alone and not understood by anyone. Eventually she’s able to nestle her way into his heart, but maybe that’s not exactly a good thing, either.

The story is an isekai story, with our female lead remembering her past life once she becomes older.

She’s realizing the place she’s currently living is inside a dating game she previously played.

Strongest Characters
Her brother will also become the game’s villain later on… Which is bad news for her! And him, since both will end up dying.

As for the story, I quite like this one. It’s very comedic but in a really dark sort-of way. It’s definitely not something everyone will enjoy but my dark side enjoys it.

I’ve not read enough to say whether or not the story is good in the long run. However, I currently enjoy the relationship building between the siblings.

Our female lead, Dahlia, and her attempts at cuddling up to her brother is both sad and hilarious.

I think the story will aim towards a harem-esque plot, but I don’t know enough to say if it’s a good or bad thing. I quite like the female lead focusing on her brother only.

Final thoughts: Definitely check this one out, especially if you like darker types of humour.

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