A Spoonful of Your Love [First Impression]

A Spoonful of Your Love [First Impression]

A Spoonful of Your Love is a quick paced story which starts out good but tapers off. The initial reaction is favourable, but then the story goes off the rails into trope land.

Alt Titles그대 마음 한 스푼, Geudae Ma-eum Han Seupun  
CreatorsSeokyung (Author) – JB [Kimjjinppang, Gimjjinppang, Kim Jjinppang, 김찐빵], STEM (II) (Artists)
LicensedYes. Official English Translation (NetComics)
NovelUnsure, maybe?
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
A Spoonful Of Your Love

Summary of A Spoonful Of Your Love

A secret office romance between the son of the CEO of a huge conglomerate and his newbie secretary slash perpetual liar!

Yeonju gave up her career in order to chase after love, but only found herself left with scars and pain. After getting a position at a huge company as a secretary, she finds herself face-to-face with her new boss, Jaehyun, who also happens to be a former classmate of Yeonju’s.

Jaehyun’s serious good looks and short temper earned him the nickname among his employees, “the S.H.B.”, or the “super, handsome bastard”.

After a series of humiliating situations, Jaehyun admits that he no longer just wants to be friends, and would rather date. Yeonju, who had her mind set on never dating ever again, finds herself interested despite how hard she tries not to fall for him!
A Spoonful Of Your Love
I won’t say the comic is bad, because I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Somewhere after chapter 10 it just starts getting too many tropes, too quickly.

Initially I was very surprised to see how the male lead, Jaehyun, was showing interest in the female, Yeonju. He was teasing her, showing his affection via his actions and so on. We soon discover his mother sets him up on a blind dates, one with a young woman belonging to some other company.

Our protagonist ended up being dumped by her senior during university and he happens to be rich. So of course she thinks all rich people are cut from the same cloth. However, it turns out that the CEO goes on a blind date with her ex’s sister. You can see where this is leading up to, right?

Obviously the same family will start messing around with our protagonist and make her doubt the CEO. Because, wait for it, her ex returns! And of course he wants her back like the disgusting piece of shit he is.

A Spoonful Of Your Love
We also have some side romances going on, but they’re not the main focus of the story. One of them happens to be very cute, though.

Despite all of the tropes and clichés, I still kind of like this story. The way the male lead is focusing on our female lead warms my heart. It’s nice to see some open and clear communication these days.

The manhwa is also quite funny and made me giggle loudly. For instance, when our female lead, Yeonju, is stuck guarding the clogged toilet her cousin made. Of course the CEO walks in and thinks it’s her dump. Despite the childish joke I’m totally fine with that.

At the same time, the story also borrows some ideas from stories such as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. We have Yeonju being a slob, having toilet paper stuck to her, acting drunk and so on. Nothing deters him from her, though!

The art is overall very good, but I have been noticing there are some issues with the anatomy. These are getting more and more noticeable as the story progresses. I’m unsure if there was a change in the artist, but I don’t think so. Maybe as the story started to taper out and lose its steam, it’s more noticeable.

This is a story which easily can become a Korean drama. The groundwork exists, all we need are actors!

Recommendation: Despite tropes and somewhat awkward art, it’s still worth reading. It’s a fun and solid read up until chapter 10.

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