Spoil a Wife Unlimited [1st Impression]

Spoil A Wife Unlimited has a slightly confusing plot, where the female lead doesn’t want to marry. However, she won’t really have a choice!

Alt Titles冲喜王妃, Spoil a Wife to No Limit, Princess Chongxi, Chōngxǐ wángfēi, Chongzi Wang Fei
CreatorsMò xiǎo mò, 莫小莫, Mo Xiao Mo (Author)
Bao Qing Manhua, Bao Qing Manhua, Bào Qīng Mànhuà, 暴青漫画, Vigor Comic (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Mature Warning: Gore/blood

Spoil A Wife Unlimited Summary

An overbearing prince and a clever woman meets for the first time.

She helps him and takes some money for the help. However, imagine her surprise when she discovers he’s the prince she’s looking to run away from!

“Your Highness, the little prince is still watching…”

Spoil A Wife Unlimited
Spoil A Wife Unlimited has a pretty basic plot, with the female lead saving her future love interest.

Of course they’re not loving each other from the beginning, but love will start to blossom soon. The female lead ends up taking the male lead to a clinic and basically uses his money to pay for the treatment.

One thing which is quite unique, but not overly so, is the male lead having a son. He’s quite cute and ends up drinking something he really shouldn’t be drinking.

However, despite the cute son I find the story quite boring. The male lead is trying to be dominating and acting all rough, which is so typical and boring.

In general, the plot just feels like any other historical romance manhua series. The comic is too generic to really stand out in any way. One positive aspect is at least the art, which seems quite decent.

Final thoughts: The story seems to be quite boring and not worth reading.

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