The Song of Theodor [First Impression]

The Song Of Theodor is surprisingly a good manhua, but with a complex plot. The art is utterly gorgeous, which makes it well worth reading the manhua.

Alt TitlesDi Ao Duo Zhi Ge, Diaoduo Zhi Ge, Dí’àoduō Zhī Gē, The Lady and the Lion (official title), The Song of Theodore, ゆずれないモノ, 狄奥多之歌, 테오도르의 노래
CreatorsJiao Nian Qian Zhao [J.N.Gigabit, 角年千兆] (Author)
Luan Bu Yang Yang Yang [乱步羊羊羊, Ranpo.Y] (Artist)
LicensedYes,  Pocket ComicsTapas, INKR + more
Official Japanese Translation
GenreDramaFantasy,  Gender BenderHistorical, Mature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of RapeRomance
The Song Of Theodor

The Song Of Theodor Summary

Young, willful Princess Hilna longs to do what boys can do: ride wild horses, practice sword fighting, seek adventure.

But her strict father and spiteful stepmother see her worth as nothing more than an accessory for her future husband.

Then she meets Latio, a brash and mysterious warrior prince, who seems to be the only one who truly understands her.

Their intertwining fates take them down a path of ruin and betrayal as dark forces bring two empires and a kingdom to the brink of war.

The Song Of Theodor
The Song Of Theodor is featuring some utterly gorgeous and vibrant art.

It’s worth reading this manhua purely for the art alone, at least in my opinion.

As for the plot, it starts out quite cliché, with war, romance and all that. Our female lead’s father is practically abusing her and constantly berating her for her behaviour. It’s clear she’s not worthy of his respect or love, which makes me want to slap him!

In one instance, the war hostage Latio is being punished instead of her, receiving a cane whipping. The father of the kingdom isn’t really likeable in any way or form.

Our female lead, Hilna (Sienna in unofficial translations) isn’t really likeable in the first few chapters, but she grows on us.

She has a good heart and is trying her best to do what’s right, but no one listens to her. Instead, she’s almost causing more trouble by protecting someone!

Instead, she’s constantly being compared to her twin brother, who is the prince exchanged to the rivalling country. I can only imagine how bad Hilna is feeling, since she’s constantly being deemed less worthy than her brother.

Overall I feel like the plot seems to be an interesting one, especially towards the later chapters. A lot is going on, which makes it even more interesting to read.

The story is kind of unnerving sometimes, with hints towards sexual violence which may be triggering to some people.

Recommendation: If you want a gorgeous manhua, with a complex plot then this could be for you!

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