Smartphone Addict Damu

Smartphone Addict [Recommendation]

Smartphone Addict starts out with us judging our female lead quite a bit. Then we start sympathising with her and her suffering.

Alt TitlesSmartphone Jungdogja, 스마트폰 중독자
CreatorsYONG Hyeon Dong [KIM Yong Yong, YONG Hyun Dong, 김용용, 용현동]
GenreComedyRomanceSchool Life, School LifeFantasy
Smartphone Addict [Recommendation]

Smartphone Addict Summary

Smartphone addict Joo Damu’s 10 year old phone suddenly turns into a human??

Smartphone Addict [Recommendation]
Smartphone Addict’s female lead Joo Damu has an old smartphone which means the world to her.

She has a lot of goals in her life, all written up in her phone.

She’s starting school again and is in her senior year, which means she’s soon free. Her father is also quite a sweetheart, trying his best for the daughter.

Turns out Damu’s mother died a few years prior, and it’s clear she’s still grieving her mother’s death.

It seems the phone has a lot of emotional value for her, which means she hates people touching it. She’s quite touchy with the phone and often becomes hostile towards other.

When she gets a ball in her face, she drops her phone and it breaks. However, everything takes a twist soon after. Apparently the phone turns into a young boy!

Smartphone Addict [Recommendation]
Due to the damages on the phone, he’s also injured.

When the phone is fixed, he turns “normal” and looks healthy. It’s quite a good representation and it’s honestly endearing seeing him “eat” the charger.

Now, Damu’s phone is giving her an ultimatum, which includes either passing the goals in her notebook or him resetting himself.

So now she has motivation to actually study for English and get a good grade. The phone means everything for her, so she doesn’t want it to be reset. I think it’s one of her ties to her mother, so that makes a lot of sense.

As most of these stories go, we also have another male lead in form of her classmate. Seems that he also suffers from some type of trauma, but he’ll end up growing closer to Damu anyway.

They do start out on the wrong foot, but it’s not exactly like they’re bound to stay in a poor relationship.

Final thoughts: I honestly love the story and I’ve never seen this done in quite this way before. The phone is kind of cute as well, despite not being a human.

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