Sixth Sense Kiss [1st Impression]

Sixth Sense Kiss is a modern office worker tale with a supernatural spin. Our female lead can see the future of the people she kisses.

Alt TitlesKiseu Sikseu Senseu, Kiss Sixth Senses, 第六感之吻, 키스 식스 센스
CreatorsGot W, Gatnyeo, 갓녀 (original work)
Jocobong, 조코봉, Jokobong (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Sixth Sense Kiss [1st Impression]

Sixth Sense Kiss Summary

Yesul Hong has a secret — when she kisses someone, she can see flashes of their future. It’s hard to believe she’s ever met the right guy when she can’t even see herself in their destiny.

She doesn’t get much use out of her ability until one day, when she accidentally kisses her evil boss, Minhu Cha, who’s got a secret of his own.

To her utter shock, she sees a vision of herself… in bed with him!

As if that’s not confusing enough, she shows up to work the next day to find out that her first love has been hired to work in her department.

Will she be able to survive working with the man she wished had been her destiny and the man she’s destined to be with?

Sixth Sense Kiss [1st Impression]
Sadly enough, the story seems to be quite cliché. We have a woman whose excuse for not falling for someone is her name.

You see, her name is apparently misinterpreted by everyone around her. They say the wrong name and she’s instantly not interested in them.

At least that’s the excuse our female lead gives when she’s talking to her co-worker. The real reason seems to be that she can see the future of anyone her lips touch.

As you may imagine, it’s probably hard to live a life where you see your partner together with someone else. This crashes her previous relationships, as you can imagine.

One day she touches lips with her boss and she sees them in the same bed!

Sixth Sense Kiss [1st Impression]
It also seems our male lead is very sensitive to pretty much everything, including hearing, sight, smell and so on.

Here comes our 2nd trope, which is the male lead is a stoic, workaholic who all of the sudden starts caring for our female lead. He also can’t sleep because of her and it’s clear he likes her.

Instead of saying that, he acts jealous whenever another guy comes close to her.

My only complaint about the art is that the male lead looks too young. He looks like he has a babyface, sort of. Overall the quality is great, so it’s just a style preference more than anything.

Final thoughts: Overall I’m not hating the story, far from it. It’s enjoyable but it’s not unique or world-shattering. You’re going to end up enjoying it, but it’s not anything majorly surprising in terms of office romance.

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