Sierra [Manhwa – First Impression]

Sierra is a manhwa series which features some time travel. The female lead’s poor family situation is introduced early on, which is making my heart ache for her.

Alt Titles시에라, Siela, Siera, Cierra (official title)
CreatorsRana (Author)
Moon-ah, 문아 (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseDepressionPsychologicalRape / Mentions of RapeSuicide / Attempted Suicide, Gore/bloodMurder / Attempted Murder, Romance
Sierra [First Impression]

Sierra Summary

Cierra Elburke and Claude LeSpencer, both sharing backgrounds of illegitimacy, find refuge from the scorn of their family and society in each other’s arms.

But when Cierra is forced to marry someone other than her beloved, she begs for another chance at life with a happier ending. Through the power of the “key” to the throne that is gifted by Claude, Cierra is given a chance to start over.

Yet this time, she chooses to leave everything behind, including Claude, with hope for a better life. Has she made the right choice, or will this second chance prove more disastrous than her original fate?

Sierra [First Impression]
Sierra is the title of the manhwa, featuring a female lead by the same name.

Her mother and father are dysfunctional, with the female lead’s mother claiming the husband r*ped her.

Soon after, the woman seemingly kills herself off, with the father commenting she’s pathetic. He also threatens the daughter, saying she better stop crying unless she wants to end up like the mother, too.

Talk about shitty family, and poor daughter!

It seems the mother wasn’t even the wife of the duke, but he just r*ped her because he wanted, too. So not only is he a r*pist, he’s also a cheater.

Sierra [First Impression]

I must say, I love the art. It’s utterly gorgeous and it reminds me slightly about The Fox’s Trap, in terms of smoothness of skin and so on. It also reminds me slightly about How Dare You.

Now, despite the initial chapter I can’t say I’m fully condoning the male lead’s behaviour. He kills everyone due to his obsession towards the female lead. I can fully get behind the female lead’s father, but not her servants or her nannies.

Initially I wasn’t expecting such a good story, but I’m happy I took the time to read this. The story is, after two chapters, really good and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Final thoughts: I’m eagerly awaiting for this to be licensed! It’s really good and you should definitely check it out if you have the chance.

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