Shriek [Manhwa - Recommendation]

Shriek [Manhwa – Recommendation]

Shriek is an anthology of shorter horror stories, created by various Korean artists. Better get cosy as you’re in for a horrifying ride…

Alt Titles2016 비명, 2016 bimyeong, 2016 Shriek
CreatorsChoi Hongjoon, CHOI YoonJin, Chungbori, Danwoo, DEY, Ilgwon Goh, joana, KIM Yongshin, LIM Jingook, Oenunbag-i, PARK Karin, PARK Sejun, Rangddo, Seo Jae Il , Sihyun, Soohun, Yeowon, Yetsaram [Authors & Artist]
LicensedOfficial English Translation
GenreDramaHorrorMature WarningMurder, GoreSuicide, Psychological, , SupernaturalThriller

Shriek Summary

Prepare to swallow your screams! This horror anthology is loaded with special effects for maximum scare potential.

Shriek is anthology with various stories published by various artists.

This means there’s various stories and art styles and the quality isn’t constant. Some stories are better than others, some are worse.

Some of the stories I enjoy the more are “A Ghostly Job” by Dey, “The Umbrella” by Yetsaram and “I, Black Dress” by ChungBoi.

Certain stories also feature sounds/music and movement from the panels (which I find really cool). Now obviously some are over the top which makes it almost hilarious to read, but others are quite freaky.


A Ghostly Job” is really just about a guy who has insanely bad luck and management who tries to keep things going, despite risk for employees. Had he been later or had management not asked him to go and do his duties, he’d be just fine. I suppose he’s fine now, too, just a permanent addition to the place.

The Umbrella” is a story about a woman who should have done exactly what her friend already did, namely give it away. “I, Black Dress” is exactly what it sounds like, but you’ll have to find that out yourself.

In total we have 17 stories of varying quality and art, but they all have something which makes them unnerving to read. Certain stories will appeal to others more than we know.

Recommendation: If you like quick and short horror stories, check out this anthology.

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